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Bonkers feminist ‘artist’ films her own pretend rape.


That’s a still from Sophie Hewson’s new ‘art’ film which is due to have its world premiere in two hours just around the corner from where I live.

I’m not going though. I don’t think it sounds like my thing:

For the work – titled are you ok bob? – she arranged a stranger to come to her then home in New York and have sexual intercourse with her on camera … Hewson says the “militant feminist” piece aims to challenge the patriarchy.

There we go, challenging the old P word again. Can they get any nuttier? Methinks Ms Hewson is struggling with her very real rape fantasy issues.


I was once an approval addict.


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  1. Frito Pendejo

    I swear… She looks just like Lena Dunham.

  2. tomas grace

    In Ontario, Canada (left wing hell hole), you can get funding for this kind of “art”, as discussed here:

    Women’s studies and other useless arts degrees survive on the backbone of socialist causes. It’s all good until the money runs out…Canada has two sources of revenue, oil and housing. Like Australia. As oil winds down…housing will be next…and it’ll be regression to the mean. And money won’t be wasted on this drivel.

    • Adam

      I had a discussion yesterday with a friend who is an artist. He’s never applied for or received a grant in his life, (mid sixties now). But he is a lefty. Anyway, I proposed all government funding of the arts to cease forthwith as a cure for the cronyism and nepotism that results from arts funding, (not to mention the terrible art). He agreed but then said to me:

      “But what would we then do with all that extra money?”
      “Pay off national debt or lower taxes,” said I.

      He looked at me in complete amazement as the thought had never occurred to him.

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