I’ve been fighting the good fight against the screaming SJW hordes on the internets for a good while now. Most of you aren’t aware that I have had another blog for some time, a video gaming blog called The Noisy Rogue. Back in 2010 I had my first brush with SJWs and it set off a shit storm.
First here.
Then here.
And here are all of my posts under the SJW tag.

Most of these preceded Gamergate, and when that little event erupted only one other MMO blogger stood by my side, (shout-out to Wolfshead).

I don’t post regularly there now as this blog takes up the free time that I do have. But I posted there today. It is a post about an MMO game that has been co-opted by SJWs. But they were only able to do so because they were able to take over the industry. We crow about Gamergate but looking at the results I think we mostly failed.

Anyway, here is my post there today. A classic example of SJW entryism and another game destroyed.