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Podcast episode 102 – Long distance relationship meltdown!

Second episode of my new podcast up. These will become a weekly thing but I want to put out a few episodes in the first week so as to get it circulating. In this episode I take down this video from JP Morgan where he evaluates why long distance relationships are so wonderful. They aren’t wonderful, they are a ticket to loser-ville, so listen to the podcast to find out why.

An addendum to this – I mention in the podcast how my wife at the beginning of our relationship did not think it important for us to be a team. She quickly changed her mind which is one of the reasons that I married her.


Bonkers feminist ‘artist’ films her own pretend rape.


Fighting the good fight.

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  1. Nick

    JP Morgan lol! Painful to watch that guy, he looks about to burst into tears at any moment.

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