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I have a couple of additions to recent posts that I have made, developments if you will. First of all is to the piece I wrote about the new community manager at the MMO ArcheAge and the effect that he/she/it is having. Thanks to reader Rob who did some digging around we now have a face to put with their new progressive staff member. The one who is so dedicated to safe and welcoming spaces in a hardcore pvp game which encourages players to steal in-game from each other and has the game mechanics to allow this.


Dear me. This is a classic example of SJW entryism in action. As I wrote on my piece, in their view it is far better to have a pure and dead game than a live game where there is any chance of bad-thought. The gamers who are left in ArcheAge have lost their game. It is a dead star floating in cold dark space. Time to move on.

My second picture deals with the piece I wrote on the Huffington Post hit-piece on rafting guides. The good guys over at Dirt Bag Paddlers linked to me on their Facebook page which attracted a fair amount of negative comments about how much of a bad person I am for daring to go against the Huff Post narrative. To quote one commenter there:

I have been debating commenting on this but it has been nagging at me since I saw you posted this. Absolutely disgusting. Whether it’s yet another perspective or not, sexual assault should not be questioned.

How about that? You’re not even allowed to question the Huff Post on this subject matter. They must assume that everything that the Huff Post writes is true and free of an agenda. But then yesterday this photo surfaced of the entire Huffington Post editorial department.

HUff Post

For a media outlet that regularly screeches about the importance of “diversity” they sure don’t look all that diverse. Now let’s try and imagine what discussion went on at that table before they published their hit piece on those male rafting guides. Do you think that there were any dissenting voices that strayed away from the narrative that they wanted to present?

I notice two things about that photo. Obviously they’re all women, but apart from the mother hen in the foreground the rest of them are babes in arms. And this is the editorial staff? Well, I know why they’re sitting there. They are all cheap and they will do as they’re told.

There was one comment on the facebook post that went against the grain. It was conveniently ignored but then it would be:

Truth is stranger than fiction.. My previous comments on this subject stand. Hell hath no fury like a rejected woman… Not saying thats the case here but as a woman i can tell you its a fact and there is a stench over this whole thing that makes a person go hmmmmm.

I wholeheartedly agree. There is a stench sitting around that editorial table as well. You can see it on their faces, the faces of progressivism. And with all progressives, no prisoners will be taken and no mercy will be allowed. Whether you’re a beloved MMO or a rafting guide who was just doing his job but had the bad luck to get stuck with a crazy.


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  1. Sjonnar

    First thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture was “That looks like a dude.” And what do you know… (Colin Brennan) it’s a dude.

    As for the other, I seem to remember another group of people who made it illegal to question the narrative. Wonder who those were?

    • Adam

      I don’t know about dude. Maybe dudette.

  2. tomas grace

    Hilarious about the Huff Post…thx for sharing that. Nice to know that the hypocrisy of the left (and feminism) is self-exposing… it’s funny how it’s OK to share 100% women…but with “male” areas like STEM, it must be 50/50 or more for women representation.

    • Adam

      Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with logic or “fairness”, it’s all about power.

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