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Alpha Males are not brutes.

The examination of men and the term alpha male is increasing every day in mainstream media and around the internet. And with this attention comes a common set of misconceptions. The biggest of which is that an alpha male is a brute. A man dragging a woman along by the hair whilst dealing out violence to other men who stand in his way. A bully. Someone who uses his fists at the earliest opportunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is a recent quote from The American Conservative with a piece on the re-tribalization of America.

Trump is a vulgar, crass, alpha-male brute. But he doesn’t care what SJWs and liberals say about him. He fights, and sometimes fights as dirty as they do.

Notice the automatic use of alpha-male as a term to denigrate a man who uses force. It is similar to the automatic assumption that any Austrian political party that strays one step over the line between left and right are neo-Nazis.

This put-down of the term alpha-male is a crucial element of the war on men. If men, and young men in particular, can be shamed into believing that becoming an alpha male is bad then they will be much more inclined to swallow the feminist narrative. Young men today are in a genuine crisis. They are born to be warriors and defenders of their tribe. But in Western culture they are told that their tribe is bad and defending it is morally reprehensible. They are told to identify with their so-called feminine side and not their masculine. Thus we see a survey where only 28% of men under the age of 30 viewed themselves as being completely masculine.

Being alpha is not about being a leader. There are countless numbers of leaders who are sniveling beta males, Jeb Bush being a prime example. Who was the alpha male – the Tzar of Russia or Rasputin?

Being alpha is not about how many women you can sleep with. A man who defines himself with regards to what women want has the whole masculinity premise backwards. Giving yourself over to a woman and her wants and needs is simply servitude. A man who does whatever a woman demands of him in order to get a sexual reward is akin to a lab rat pushing a button for food. A man who centers his personality around how to attract women is a feminized man.

Being alpha is not about being abusive. In Allen Frantzen’s essay on positive masculinity he argues that there is masculinity and immature masculinity:

masculinity has become associated by feminists with violence and the oppression of women. That’s not masculinity: it’s masculinity that is immature, not fully developed … Men who act immaturely have not proved their manhood to themselves and are still trying to establish their self-identity as a mature man. Robert Moore says they express the immature masculine and gives patriarchy as an example of abusive masculinity, an expression of the immature masculine that harms both men and women. Moore sees the negativity coming from “the immature masculine, which is “an attack on masculinity in its fullness.”

So if alpha maleness is not these things, what exactly is it?

Firstly, an alpha male has taken the red pill and woken up. He sees the world around him for what it is. He understands that his goal in life is to succeed and he positions himself to be challenged competitively with other men. Masculinity is about a man’s relationship with himself and other men. The alpha male instinctively understands this.

The alpha male is outcome independent. He does not tie his psyche and well-being to external events. He is independent of the good opinion of other people. This requires self-confidence and a surety of his place in the world.

The alpha male has proven himself. He has established his manhood through deeds and actions at a young age. Because of this he has a strong self-identity which he strives to improve as he progresses through life. An alpha male knows that masculinity does not stand still. The betterment of oneself and the attainment of knowledge and understanding is fundamental to this.

The alpha male takes women for what they are. Nothing more, nothing less. As he has proven himself he has no need to sleep with women to attain status with other men through bragging rights.

The alpha male is not pushed around. He stands up for himself and for masculinity. He has a sense of honor.

One last point. It is crucial to understand that being an alpha male does not necessarily mean that you are a good person. Many bikie gang members are alpha males but you probably wouldn’t invite them around to help you fix your motorbike.

If we view what it means to be an alpha male and then consider what such a man would be like, we can easily see why alpha men are a supreme threat to feminism and a feminized world. Thus the demonization of the term alpha male and the ongoing effort to instill in men a form of compulsory feminism from a young age.

As a man your goal in life should be to become as alpha as you are able to. Not every man can achieve this, and that has been true throughout the ages. But it should be your goal. And any time you hear or read someone deriding the term alpha male, your responsibility is to put them in their place. That is standing up for masculinity and that is a step towards becoming an alpha male yourself.

Trump is accused of being a vulgar, crass, alpha-male brute. But Trump does not defend himself or attack with physical force. He does so with reason and the power of words. Human beings are held above the animal kingdom by their use of speech, not of limbs. It is due to his mastery of rhetoric that Trump is an alpha male. His accusers betray their lack of understanding and knowledge and thus demonstrate their beta-male standing.


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  1. Peewhit

    Adam, I may be ignorant and less educated, but I can recognise tactics leading to strategic victories when I see them. Trump says something totally outrageous, then he goes on to the next point, then he gets to where he was going all along, and they are killed by it. So he gets attention, he keeps attention, then he makes a point that would have been hidden if the MSM had seen where he was going in the start. Think about it. He is also a really good salesman. He is also, if a narcissist, which I doubt, only the same as all large business CEOs, a psychopath. The reading I saw was only in doubt about the rating on a score of 1 to 10 of any CEOs level of psychopathy. You don’t get to shaft Wall Street banks 4 times by being a loving giving person.

    • Adam

      I just finished reading The Big Short where a few guys shafted all the Wall street banks causing a bunch of them to fail. They weren’t psychopaths, the banks were simply greedy and very stupid.

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