Um … no it won’t.

Okay, Sunday personal economics time again. We’ve looked at the three deadly financial words and why living in the now just means you’ll be broke. Now lets check out one of the other really big financial delusion mechanisms that is quite widely accepted by the New Age industry and people whose personal finances are a bit of a mess.

That saying is the universe will provide, also known as the abundance mentality. The general idea is that your natural state is one of abundance. Look around the world and see all the abundance around you. There isn’t just one flower in the field, there are millions. Repeat ad nauseam. Thus if you are suffering scarcity this is an unnatural state and you need to get back into abundance.

The teachings go that to get into this abundance mindset you need to trust that the universe will provide. This is akin to believing that you are special. That the universe looks out for you. It’s very appealing as it hits peoples’ desires on multiple levels.

You’re special, the universe loves you, it’s all going to come to you no matter what – just get in the right mindset.

I have been present in rooms full of thousands of people at a single moment, all of them believing that they are special and that the universe is just dying to give it all to them. The mass personal delusion was quite incredible to witness first hand. I sometimes wondered if I was the only crazy person in the room.

Trusting that the universe will provide removes your own personal power from the equation. You are believing that your abundance will magically come from a place that you cannot now foresee. You get into an “I am special” mindset and then sit back and literally do nothing. The really frustrating thing for people in this situation is when it inevitably doesn’t work. They go back to their teacher or “guru” and ask why. He then tells them that their mindset is still not right but they are close. Invigorated they go away and try again. Repeat endlessly.

This is loser-ville 101. Short of winning the lottery not only are you not going to get anything by doing this you’re going to waste your life trying. The abundance mindset and the idea that this is our natural state also goes against almost the entirety of human history which has been marked by abject poverty for the vast majority of the earth’s population. I lived in Africa and I saw people pretty close to a natural state and I can tell you that the one thing they did have was a whole lot of nothing.

Believing in the idea that the universe will provide together with the phrase, “you deserve it” as well as “living in the now” is an incredibly awful combination that is guaranteed to lock you into financial misery. You believe you are special and entitled, you believe that abundance will appear magically if you trust hard enough, and you waste whatever scarce resources you do have as soon as you get them.

If you’re reading this right now and despairing because I’ve just outlined your current mindset, have some heart – you can turn this around. But you will need to get up off your backside, work hard, and spend less than you earn. Tune in next week when we have a look at the subject of debt.