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The three deadly financial words.

Sunday is economics day on the blog. Last week I wrote about how living in the now just means you’ll be broke. Today we’re going to look at a common economic behavior that is very self-destructive. I personally have known many people who have struggled financially who are all victims of this behavior pattern. Understand that these are not traditionally poor people. Most of them are firmly in the middle class and some that I know are outwardly much higher than that. But behind the scenes they struggle badly. They’re like a duck – calm on the surface while little feet move frantically below the water to keep it all going.

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Fighting the good fight.

I’ve been fighting the good fight against the screaming SJW hordes on the internets for a good while now. Most of you aren’t aware that I have had another blog for some time, a video gaming blog called The Noisy Rogue. Back in 2010 I had my first brush with SJWs and it set off a shit storm.
First here.
Then here.
And here are all of my posts under the SJW tag.

Most of these preceded Gamergate, and when that little event erupted only one other MMO blogger stood by my side, (shout-out to Wolfshead).

I don’t post regularly there now as this blog takes up the free time that I do have. But I posted there today. It is a post about an MMO game that has been co-opted by SJWs. But they were only able to do so because they were able to take over the industry. We crow about Gamergate but looking at the results I think we mostly failed.

Anyway, here is my post there today. A classic example of SJW entryism and another game destroyed.

Podcast episode 102 – Long distance relationship meltdown!

Second episode of my new podcast up. These will become a weekly thing but I want to put out a few episodes in the first week so as to get it circulating. In this episode I take down this video from JP Morgan where he evaluates why long distance relationships are so wonderful. They aren’t wonderful, they are a ticket to loser-ville, so listen to the podcast to find out why.

An addendum to this – I mention in the podcast how my wife at the beginning of our relationship did not think it important for us to be a team. She quickly changed her mind which is one of the reasons that I married her.

Bonkers feminist ‘artist’ films her own pretend rape.


That’s a still from Sophie Hewson’s new ‘art’ film which is due to have its world premiere in two hours just around the corner from where I live.

I’m not going though. I don’t think it sounds like my thing:

For the work – titled are you ok bob? – she arranged a stranger to come to her then home in New York and have sexual intercourse with her on camera … Hewson says the “militant feminist” piece aims to challenge the patriarchy.

There we go, challenging the old P word again. Can they get any nuttier? Methinks Ms Hewson is struggling with her very real rape fantasy issues.

I was once an approval addict.

I recently watched a video by a chap on how to cure an approval addiction. His advice came down to this little snippet:

“Learn to feel okay with not feeling okay.”

As a fully recovered approval addict I’m not too impressed with this advice. It might sound acceptable to some of you, but in essence the very act of seeking approval is because you don’t feel okay. The speaker is trying to tell us that this can never be cured and you must just learn to live with it. He is effectively saying that change is not possible. I disagree with this message. Here is his video:

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My first podcast – Grayson Perry’s 12 steps to becoming a modern man


“It’s just me in a dress” – because all men do that apparently.

I first wrote about Grayson Perry a couple of weeks ago when I discovered that the progressive media outlet, The Guardian, was using a cross-dressing nutbag to explore modern masculinity. But the rot goes a bit deeper than that. He has a television program on the subject as well. In an interview with the same newspaper that employs him, Grayson came up with his 12 steps to being a modern man. It’s time to go fisking. You know you want to.

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How to find new buddies.


Oh noes! Model train hobbying is rife with sexism!

Rollo has a great post about male tribes and dynamics that I really recommend you go read. It’s about how men make friends, (we’re not talking women here as it is not possible for men and women to be friends). I get asked quite often how to make friends when you move to a new city or country. My advice has always been to join sporting clubs and hobby groups but until I read Rollo’s post I wasn’t able to define it well enough.

Women talk, men do.

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10 ‘male privileges’.

This video at the time of this posting has under 4000 views. If you are a man you need to watch this. If you are a woman who has men in her life that you care about, you need to watch this. If you are a raving misandrist please watch the video so you may have the satisfaction of basking in a job well done.

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Living in the now just means you’ll be broke.


Type ‘living in the now’ into google and you will get a bewildering array of articles, images, and pithy sayings all helpfully moving you on to a better life. What could be wrong in living in the now? Dwelling in the past just makes you sad, and worrying about the future just makes you anxious and fearful. It’s all about the now.

Well I’m here to tell you that living in the now and attempting to base your life around phony tenants of mindfulness will leave you nothing short of dead broke. After all, how many wealthy hippies have you ever met in your life?

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The Playboy Political Party Table.

It’s satirical but it strikes pretty close to home. Particularly the zombie apocalypse part.


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