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The Arts Party Lunacy.

arts party

vote for them – because some Japanese artist didn’t need government funding to paint a wave.

Tomorrow is the Australian election. It’s been such a terrible, listless, uninspiring and boring campaign that I decided to just post about the most ridiculous entity that rose from the slime in these last 8 weeks. The British are well known for coming up with outrageous political entities, the Raving Loony Sex Party comes to mind. But here in Australia we beat them all. Because we have The Arts Party, and these wankers are serious.

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Brexit – the village elders have spoken.

EU leaders

the EU leaders meeting to decide the length of allowed cucumbers …

Gee, the left sure don’t like losing do they? Baring witness to the worldwide collective meltdown after the “shock” Brexit decision has been awesome in its capacity to just keep on giving. I don’t know what my favorite lefty overreaction is as it’s so hard to choose. The petition to run the referendum again with 2 million signatures? “But there’s 2 million who voted for it, bro!” Yeah, let me know when you’ve got 17.5 million, you loser.

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Podcast interview on This Alt Right Life.

Matt Forney was kind enough to ask me to do an interview with him on his podcast, “This Alt-Right Life”. It was a lot of fun and I think it’s the best interview I’ve had so far.

Interview here at Matt’s site.

Or just go straight to the soundcloud.


Announcing my next book.


So here is the cover for my next book, (thanks Ivan!), due out at this stage in late July. The Prosecco Paddlers is about what happens when you cram seven rafting guides from four different nationalities into two small apartments in a little Italian mountain valley for five months.

It’s a lot of fun but it also examines themes of cultural clashes and masculinity. The Italians are certainly unique in how they do things, not least the seemingly simple task of putting a bunch of customers in a rubber raft and sending it down a river.

At this late stage I’m just cleaning up the text, and then I’ll pass it to a few trusted souls for proof-reading. More updates to come.



the moment Ken realized he shouldn’t have left his abacus at home …

The other day I played a poker hand. It was a typical hand; there was nothing special about it. I had seen similar events play out many times before in exactly the same circumstances. Which is what made it interesting. A weak player flopped a straight against four other players. He had the best hand at that point but it was vulnerable to being compromised by the end of the hand. There was a bet and two calls in front of him. Instead of ending the hand there and winning it he opted to play it slow. He smooth called. By the River card the board was paired and a higher straight was possible. He got all his money in but by that stage he was third best. He could have won a little pot; he ended up losing a big one.

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The great Brexit bubble-land.


somehow this didn’t go down too well …

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. The progressive left’s reaction to losing Brexit has been one of quite spectacular meltdown. Within an hour of the official result I saw a dedicated Twitter feed where people were enthusiastically discussing the possibility of the British prime minister simply ignoring the result because “he could if he wanted to”. There have been calls to run the poll again, (because that’s what you do if you lose), as well as serious discussions on whether London can leave and join the EU all by itself.

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Brexit – the plebs revolt.

heads explode

And leftists’ heads exploded everywhere at the same time …

Yesterday the British people voted to leave the decrepit and undemocratic entity known as the European Union. It is the first victory against the progressive left for a very long time and I must say that I have a sore head this morning. However, tooling around in a celebratory manner on the internet I found this article at the BBC:

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Guys & Girls cannot be friends.


stretching … not cheering.

I consider the topic of whether guys and girls can just be friends to be so obvious as to be totally beyond any discussion. But yesterday I was chatting to some “young people” and I discovered that there is an entire generation out there who are convinced that guys and girls can be best friends and it’s not even close.

I will approach this from the male perspective, seeing as this is a site geared towards men. The question for men is not, can you be friends with girls; it is more why would you want to?

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Put the Great back into Great Britain.


I have a British passport as well as an Australian one. It’s been quite handy over the years and it enabled me to live in Italy for over 10 years due to Britain’s membership of the EU. I plan to return to live in Europe in the future and things will be a lot more difficult for me if Britain votes leave.

But Britain absolutely needs to vote leave. It must or it will eventually cease to be a sovereign state and 1000 years of fighting British pluck will have been defeated by an unelected and non-combative Brussels bureaucracy.

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Podcast episode – Why I love hate truth.

Don’t call it hate speech – it’s hate truth. Without hate there is no love. It’s the Ying to the Yang. But our freedom of speech, whether it’s hate or not, is in danger of being taken away. In this episode I discuss the Australian election, a recent house guest in Chez Adam, speaking freely on college campuses, the beastly Canadians attempting to legislate against “anti-transgender speech”, and the awesome US 2nd amendment.

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