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Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday at his Trump tower, (incidentally Clinton hasn’t held one for over 140 days – surprising considering that she’s running for president). During the conference a marine veteran by the name of Alfred Baldasaro was introduced by Trump whereupon he took a few minutes to rip the mainstream media a new one over its coverage of veteran affairs and the presidential race.

But the real revelation for me was this 19 minute clip of him talking to the press outside after he had spoke in the conference. I was expecting to watch it for a couple of minutes – I watched through to the end. His passion and credibility and humbleness blew me away. And watch how he confronts and takes apart a Clinton stooge who has been manipulating veteran affairs for her campaign. The man preferred to flee rather than face this guy down.

These are the types of people, multiplied many times over across the USA, who are the reason Trump will win.


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  1. prendelaluna

    Thanks for putting this up — it is quite amazing how truth-telling is compelling viewing because we see so little of it so up-close and personal.

    • Adam

      Yes, you’re so right and that’s exactly why I put it up.

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