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hate truth

A post over at Vox Popoli titled, Hate is a human right got me thinking. It is well known, at least among the alt-right, that the left hates logic and facts. The go-to defense when presented with unavoidable fact that cannot be dismissed with emotional rhetoric is to classify it as hate speech. What you are saying may be technically true but you are a bad person for saying it. It’s a nice side-step to a strawman combined with an ad hominem attack.

I prefer to call this language for what it is – hate truth. Language is powerful, and when the left is successful in categorizing language to its own social-political aims then it becomes a powerful deterrent for them. People will be afraid to speak the truth simply for the label that will be bestowed upon them for daring to do so.

I have begun using the term hate truth in my general conversations with people that I know. It is similar to the term racially aware that I have previously detailed. I will say something outrageously and uncomfortably true which then elicits gasps and a worried mention from someone that I am using hate speech. In reply I simply shrug my shoulders and say, “No, that’s hate truth.”

Queue total diffusion of the situation. People laugh and relax but the awesome result of the use of the term is the immediate comfort they have of then freely talking about the same subject that only moments before they were unwilling to even approach for fear of being labelled in a negative manner.

This is the power of language. This is the power of words. The left has its arsenal of words that they draw from the hip at the slightest opportunity. You need to have your six-shooters ready to respond as well. Just how powerful this tactic is I saw demonstrated the other day when I used it on someone that I know who is a committed leftie. He had no other recourse but to also smile and laugh and then engage in the conversation. It kills the smear of hate speech stone cold dead.

The article from Vox Day that I linked above has a quote that really got me thinking.

And if hate is outlawed, or worse, eliminated, there will be no moral basis for love.

It’s true but I had never considered it this way before. That’s the power of words. We are speaking truth and they hate it.


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  1. I also like the term ‘hate facts’.

  2. tomas grace

    Rollo Tomassi touched on the power of words in his latest post:

    While we have censorship on “hate speech”, we have SJWs and feminists creating new terms like ‘mansplaining’ and man-spreading…essential terms to vilify men. It’d be nice if such feminist-created words/themes were labelled as hate speech. Actually, this guy’s video is apt to call feminist speech “hate speech”:

    • Adam

      Yeah, another great post from Rollo.

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