The progressive left has made an art form out of using the subject of race for their own ends. Now Trump is using the same tactic against an American born Latino judge named Gonzalo Curiel who is presiding over a class-action lawsuit regarding Trump university.

Trump wants Curiel removed from the case as his Latino background will make him appear prejudiced against Trump in the Californian case. The National Review has gone a little nuts over the whole affair:

In this latest instance, for example, Trump has implied that no law can be interpreted disinterestedly and applied dispassionately. There’s really no such thing as reason; there are only inescapable tribal prejudices. Because his parents were from Mexico, Gonzalo Curiel is always going to be loyal first and foremost to Mexico, so he will never be able to render a fair decision on anything involving Donald Trump.

Well, yes. Of course Trump wants this and it happens all the time in legal matters. What the judge should have done is excuse himself but instead he went and released 400 pages of sealed court material and continued the case after the plaintiff withdrew. Mike Cernovich thinks that Trump is wasting his time:

This La Raza judge stuff is a pointless tangent. Yes, the judge belongs to several racist groups … But in modern American race politics, most people don’t see it that way. This issue is alienating people he will need to win a ground game.

I don’t think it’s a pointless tangent at all. Curiel, who let us not forget was an Obama appointee in 2011, is also a member of La Raza which is a Mexican society that bans whites from joining and that seeks to undermine US sovereignty. As for alienating the people, listen to this phone call-in from an American lady of Mexican ancestory to the Savage Nation radio show, (listen from the 1:28 minute mark)

As the impressive Rita says, she is not Latino, she is American. And she knows where this judge’s loyalties lie, as does Trump. She does not sound alienated by Trump at all, very much the opposite in fact. “California is lost. My home state is gone”, she says. Lost to its almost complete political takeover by Mexican immigrants. They are not loyal to America, they are loyal to Mexico until the day they die as recounted by Rita. She agrees with Donald Trump that the judge cannot be impartial due to his Mexican parents’ backgrounds, particularly if an individual joins The National Council of La Raza. His soul still belongs to Mexico, as Rita says. She wants Trump to save the rest of America before it is too late.

But the other reason that this is such a big deal is that Trump is signaling to the progressive left that he will use their own tactics against them, something which the conservative side has been loathe to do for over 30 years. By doing this he is lighting a signal fire as to his intentions when he gets into the White House. The progressive left has been using the argument for years that a white judge or an all-white jury should not be able to try and lay judgement on a black defendant. But suddenly Trump uses their same argument and he is apparently a racist. The lesson is that only whites can be racist in the worldview of the progressive left.

Americans have lost their democratic process to a biased, unelected, and unaccountable judiciary that has made recent decisions against the voted for will of the American people. Trump is signaling that he will go after them once he is in power and hold the judiciary to account. The left have made the playing field a racial one – Trump is just walking onto their court and playing them at their own game.

Trump is playing for keeps in a big boys game which it hasn’t been for quite some time. Exciting times to be alive indeed.