Image courtesy of Amerika.

On yesterday’s podcast I spoke about the Men’s Rights movement and how I disagree with it. One of the great problems with demanding rights as a man is that you are attempting to solve government interference with more government interference. The type of person who wants more government interference, the type of person who thinks that governments can solve societal problems, is the type of person who believes in a lovely and benevolent mother hen who will take care of them

This is why the world of progressives has traditionally been the domain of young adults. These people lack maturity in every aspect of their lives. The vast majority of youth believe in an imaginary world that has never and will never exist. After they’ve had a few real world beat-downs then most of them begin to understand that their lofty youthful idealisms are nothing more than utter nonsense.

This is why great socialist movements have almost always targeted people of university student age to sweep through the required reforms. Mao’s Cultural Revolution was an excellent example of this.

The idea of someone else taking care of you is the antithesis of the modern man. As men in today’s world we face many artificial barriers and hurdles placed there by governments due to feminist and progressive activism. That is our reality. But instead of becoming depressed at this state of affairs, the modern man needs to use this as an impetus to achieve even more than he thought possible. Because in spite of all the hurdles placed in your way it is quite possible to successfully navigate your way around them.

Just think about it – progressives require government interference just to have a chance at succeeding against white men. They can’t manage it on a level playing field. A level playing field is what they have been working against, not what they have been working for. And even with all of their artificial bonuses they still find it difficult to compete. How awesome is that?

Face it, fellas – if you’re a high intelligence white male born in the Western World at this time you’ve just about won the genetic lottery. You’re so far in front that progressives have no other choice but to try to legislate against you. Which is why the attempt by the MRAs to get similar legislative bonuses is completely mixed up. It’s never going to happen because progressives have been working against a level playing field the entire time. What makes you think they’re going to roll back 40 years of devious manipulative effort? MRAs are completely wasting their time and their focus is in the wrong area.

Because a real man does not seek hand-outs. He stands on his own two feet. He succeeds or fails based on his own effort and he takes responsibility for that. The very idea of this terrifies progressives which is why there has been a war on men and a war against political parties that exist towards the right. Because a man who stands on his own two feet can only ever vote for less government interference not more.

It is all too easy for men today to take the reality of what is arrayed against them as an excuse to sit around and do nothing. It’s called checking out. That is a terrible waste of your potential and more than that it is what progressives want you to do. They want you to give up.

No matter your current circumstances, take this as an impetus to get off your butt, get outside, and start showing up. And if you get beat down, simply get back up again. It is how you handle adversity that defines you as a man.