Good morning my faithful readers. A few links and tidbits to throw your way today, plus of course the hawt babe of the week which I have neglected recently.

Firstly, and most importantly, my podcast is now on itunes. If you’ve listened to it, please leave a rating and a review so it can start its climb up the ratings tree and gather in more listeners. While you’re at it, if you’ve read or listened to my book please leave a review as well. They all help in a big way.

You can see at the top of the blog that I’ve added some drop-down menus. You can use those to access posts under a specific topic. More will be added as I think of them.

The guys at Dirt Bag Paddler magazine asked me for an article on my worst ever swim. It’s called Total Gunga Wallace after a horrendous beating I took on the White Nile.

Gawker files for bankruptcy. As a longtime GamerGater I rejoice. A cigar and fine rum will be consumed today in celebration.

Matt Forney uncovers a large scam involving the political fundraising site Wolf Pac. This needs to go viral so spread it around.

The difference between millennial men and their dads.

Canada’s Supreme Court legalizes sex with animals. What was that about gay marriage leading to a slippery slope? How they laughed and mocked. Soon to come – a bitter split between marriage and sex rights activists and animal activists. You heard it here first.

An astounding financial interview on CNBC with Peter Schiff. Astounding because Schiff gets it but one interviewer in particular does not. Even this soon after the 2008 GFC human beings show an amazing capacity not to learn.

I’m not one for these reality shows. They are ridiculous. But every now and then they throw up something extraordinary. Like this 12 year old girl. Keep in mind that she wrote the song herself. I just wish that the idiot host hadn’t called her the next Taylor Swift, (whoever that is). Hopefully her parents keep her grounded.

And finally for the hawt babe of the week. Let’s wrap it up!