Most people aren’t successful. They just get by. They have no real plan for the future. They earn an average wage, they’ve married an average woman and the average is good that he’ll lose most of it when she divorces him.

In other words, they’re not successful. Shit, half the population can’t afford a $400 emergency. Let’s put this into some sort of context. Right now it’s a good idea to buy some gold and silver. The currency markets are looking scary and the 2008 GFC was artificially neutered to purchase time. The time is just about up. With this in mind there are four types of ways that people will react to this information:

  1. They think that you’re an idiot and they give out XYZ reasons to back up their claim but their primary defense is that everyone else thinks that the markets are fine so they must be fine. This is at least 95% of the population. Included in this are most of the talking heads on TV, financial writers and advisers, etc.
  2. They believe you but they have no money. How can you buy gold if you can’t afford a $400 emergency? Of the remaining 5%, over half of them are in this bracket.
  3. They believe you but they don’t act on it. Of the remaining 50% of the 5%, 95% of people will fall into this bracket.
  4. We have a really small percentage remaining. These people convert 10% of their net worth into gold and silver as an insurance, (it’s not an investment). They act on the information.

Don’t believe me? Go and watch The Big Short or even better, read the book. I don’t care which bracket you fall into. That’s not the point of this post as I’m just using this as a current example.

The point of this is that if you fall into the last category it means you probably have your shit together. And all of the people in the first two categories and most of the people in the third category will not like you. Particularly if they are your friends.

Like attracts like. Success surrounds itself with success. To become successful you need to not only have a success mentality, you need to have like-minded people around you. I have a very small group of friends and unfortunately for me none of them live where I’m currently living. But that’s okay as I have the means to be able to catch up with them when I want.

I meet people and they almost always fall into the first category. I hear them talking – it’s like blah blah blah about financial stuff. They’re fucking clueless and fucking losers and I say nothing because it will only cause them to hate me. I prefer to let them think that I think like them. It’s not worth the hassle to me to do otherwise. But I sure as shit aren’t becoming friends with them.

The only exception to this is young guys who haven’t made it yet but who I think have the drive and determination to get there. The ones who lack complacency. Sometimes I meet one of these guys and they ask me for advice. I’m very careful about giving out advice in person. Normally I just save it for the blog. But one thing I will ask them is whether or not their friends think the same way they do about finances, girls, the whole schabang. Almost always they get uncomfortable and then they say that their friends not only don’t think the same way – their friends think that they are an idiot for thinking differently.

I always say the same thing in this situation. In life you have a choice. You can have your friends like you, in other words you can keep your friends, and you will end up the same as them. Or you can be successful at life. Which means ditching those people who don’t fit the bill.

Short and sweet, baby. Short and sweet.