dumb tweet

as McCain says is this the dumbest tweet of the day?

So a Muslim dude in Florida sees two men on the street kissing which upsets him. I see things on the street all the day that upset me, other people mostly. However, even though upset I tend not to then go out and shoot dead 50 people as a result of my angst of the day.

Stay away from crowds, people. Stay away from crowds. Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid it, such as in airports and the like. So when you’re there make sure that you’re on high alert. Identify those around you who you would categorize as the highest threat level. Avoid them as much as you can. Who would be the highest threat level? Anyone who our politically correct missives would go apeshit about if you publicly categorized them in that way. That’s a good start right there.


As you can see there have been more US mass shootings under Obama than all the previous presidents put together and then some. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with his leadership or political socialism masquerading as politics.

There will be more of these mass shootings. The perpetrators will attempt to hit as many people as possible. They will target areas with many people packed into small spaces. They will target locations which are gun-free zones such as the latest incident was. The last thing the perps want is someone able to shoot back at them.

So stay away from crowds. Do I have to tell you again? And as Mike Cernovich says, tell the people you love that you love them every day. But you should do that anyway, mass gunman from the religion of peace notwithstanding.