So it seems that Bob Geldof, that eminently untalented musician, is all for Britain remaining in the EU. There he is in the above photo, floating down the Thames and being a right old berk. I’d love to buy that fisherman a drink, but I reckon he’s already been inundated with similar offers. But it’s strange that old Bob is so strongly in favor of remaining in the EU. I mean, back in 2002 he was campaigning hard to make sure Britain didn’t join the common currency.

Here’s the photo from that 2002 story. I’m only showing it because I just love the caption that the BBC wrote underneath. I’ll include it here too:


Bob Geldof is a trusted and respected figure.

Just brilliant. Good old Bob, the man who organised the biggest meet-up of modern musicians in history, (the 1985 Live Aid concerts), but couldn’t turn all that networking into one decent music opportunity for himself. It could be because he was uninterested in money or perhaps it was because the other musicians thought he was a wanker. Who knows?

Strangely enough history has proven him right on the 2002 currency decision. But he certainly isn’t right in 2016. In fact he now seems to be one of those people who is a barometer for stupid decisions. In other words, if you’re not sure about something, just ask Bob what he thinks and then do the opposite. You’ll be right every time!

The Brexit vote is next week. I got my money on the market about ten days ago when the odds for Britain leaving were 5-1. I thought that was a really good value bet at the time and it has proven to be the case with current odds falling to 13/8. The stay vote is at 1/2 which on the face of it looks like it’s too close to call.

However, keep in mind that bookmakers don’t pick winners; they try to make money. In other words if a lot of money is going on one side they will then naturally shorten the odds in spite of the fact that this option is not a clear favorite in the real world. Remember, many people still believe the mainstream media which are always on the side of globalism. Polls are also fundamentally flawed due to the fact that people answer them based on what they think they should say, but not based on how they will necessarily act.

These circumstances create great betting opportunities if you understand that the general population has had a gutfull of progressive politics and virtue signaling. Some bookmakers still have Trump winning the presidency at 3/1. Of course it wasn’t that long ago that his odds were much longer than that but 3/1 is still a great return on your money.

The general population gets it but the talking heads don’t. This means opportunity, people – opportunity. And for that you can thank people like good old Bob Geldof. Thanks, Bob.