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I have a British passport as well as an Australian one. It’s been quite handy over the years and it enabled me to live in Italy for over 10 years due to Britain’s membership of the EU. I plan to return to live in Europe in the future and things will be a lot more difficult for me if Britain votes leave.

But Britain absolutely needs to vote leave. It must or it will eventually cease to be a sovereign state and 1000 years of fighting British pluck will have been defeated by an unelected and non-combative Brussels bureaucracy.

I’m not going to go into a detailed look at the economics of this decision. If you want some good analysis of that then I give you the one and only Aaron Clarey:

I’m not going to give you a passionate, articulate, and goddam sexy speech of the political analysis of the situation. If you want that you can turn to the very great Jacob Rees Mogg:

But what I will talk about is this arsehole, the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker:

That video is of this scheming little toad threatening the British people that out means out. In the last 100 years, how many British lives have been lost helping Belgium to regain its very own sovereignty that had been brutally taken away from it? “Remember the Belgium nuns!” went the rallying cry in the First World War, and hundreds of thousands of British men lost their lives on Belgium soil. In the fields of Flanders, in Ypres, in countless dales and blighted paddocks.

And now this fuckwit has the gal to get up on his high horse and threaten the British people. Out means out? Very well then. And the next time the Belgium army rolls over and shits itself at the first sign of an invading army I sincerely hope Junckers is reminded of this little threat of his.

The EU has just given Britain a ginormous shit-test. There is only one way to respond to a shit-test and I’m sure that many of my readers will know how to do so. You show the fuckers the door.

Vote for Leave.

(Also because I got a good bet on when it was at 5/1.)


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