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Brexit – the plebs revolt.

heads explode

And leftists’ heads exploded everywhere at the same time …

Yesterday the British people voted to leave the decrepit and undemocratic entity known as the European Union. It is the first victory against the progressive left for a very long time and I must say that I have a sore head this morning. However, tooling around in a celebratory manner on the internet I found this article at the BBC:

The two most surprising political phenomena of this year have been the rise of Donald Trump and the success of the Leave Europe camp in Britain’s referendum on Brexit.
Few pundits saw either coming (and full disclosure, I include myself here, particularly on Trump) – but we should have and now would be a good chance to make up for past oversight by looking at how the two are linked.

The fact that so many pundits did not see this coming is visible and clear proof of how far out of touch the elites, large corporations, and the MSM are with the common man. Brexit was a clear bet for me as I was very confident that the talking heads had got it wrong. It bodes extremely well for Donald Trump winning the presidency in November.

The polls at present have Trump many points behind Clinton. But the polls were inaccurate with the Brexit votes as well. The polls did not pick a Tory win in the last British election. This is because the polls are run by companies pushing the same progressive agenda as the MSM. Polling is simply a tool in the progressives arsenal, and they use it to attempt to swing voting patterns in their favored direction. They reason that the more the polls seemingly indicate a decision then the more that people will be influenced to vote in that very manner.

But the people, the plebs as they are disparagingly referred to by those in charge, care not for polls. What they care about is their cultural identity that is being lost in a forced rise of globalism. They care about their jobs, they care about immigration, and they do not care for forced multiculturalism and the lie that all cultures are equal.

Amongst my many Italian friends there is great anger and angst at the British vote. They cannot understand why Britain has left. But that is because they are addicted to the teat of the EU. They are so far gone that they cannot even envisage another way of doing things. Even with youth unemployment in Italy at over 40% and their economy in tatters they still cling to the soft despotism of the EU. It will require something extraordinary, and perhaps brutal to jolt them out of it.

Holland will be next. Geert Wilders will not miss this opportunity to give his country its freedom. The door has been kicked in and the whole rotting structure has come crashing down. The plebs have spoken.


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