somehow this didn’t go down too well …

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. The progressive left’s reaction to losing Brexit has been one of quite spectacular meltdown. Within an hour of the official result I saw a dedicated Twitter feed where people were enthusiastically discussing the possibility of the British prime minister simply ignoring the result because “he could if he wanted to”. There have been calls to run the poll again, (because that’s what you do if you lose), as well as serious discussions on whether London can leave and join the EU all by itself.

What has characterized this reaction is a total disbelief on their part that there are actual real people in the world that hold opposing views. Normally they would simply tar these “pretend people” with the convenient slur of racism but that’s hard to do when over 16 million people voted for the Leave result. The left’s vast echo chamber has been breached in a most uncomfortable and traumatic fashion for them and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Two personal stories of my own from the last 24 hours help to illustrate this point. Last night I was at a small gathering of friends and people that I met there for the first time. There was a broad selection of ages and nationalities present. After several hours of drinking and most peoples’ internal censor abilities turned off, the discussion began to get lively. Particularly when the subject of Brexit came up.

A young English man in his late twenties stood up and made the statement that the Brexit vote was all about immigration and racism and that was that. A few of us, (myself included), disagreed with his pronouncement and I pointed out a few factors that were behind the Leave result. While some others present agreed with me, the young man did not take this too well.

At one stage he denounced all votes as meaningless because they didn’t go the way that he wanted. The system was rigged as far as he was concerned. He brought up the last Australian election and the fact that Tony Abbott had won, (the conservative leader at the time). This was his “gotcha!” moment. None of us could argue with this. There was a short silence and then I said …

“I voted for Tony Abbott.”

“I also voted for Tony Abbott,” said someone else as he raised his hand.

The look on the young man’s face was a mixture of complete horror and bewilderment. He had never entertained the possibility that anyone had voted for the demon itself, much less that he would ever meet such awful people. Yet there we were, sitting before him, defying all his preconceptions, and bursting his bubble.

He retired to another room behind closed doors for the rest of the evening where his girlfriend attempted to get him to come back out and join the party. He was still in there sulking when I left.

The other event occurred on Facebook. I posted the above photo on my Facebook feed along with a few other choice tidbits. One of my posts was simply, “It’s Brexit, baby.” The effect of these was quite extraordinary to behold. I received quite a number of text messages and private messages deploring my “insensitivity” at a “traumatic and delicate time”. There were also public calls demanding that I post only positive posts on what being out of the EU could mean, as if I were solely responsible for helping these poor people by the hand to overcome their hurt feelings.

The amusing thing for me is that these same people routinely post political messages on their Facebook feeds that are the exact polar opposite of my views. At times I am bombarded by them. I never object, (although in private I do marvel that these people could be so obtuse as to assume that everyone they know is in exact agreement with them, but bubbles have to bubble). However, the one time that I post something on my feed with a political bent they all go collectively batshit crazy.

The left didn’t get what they want but even worse their self-imposed world bubble has been rudely pricked. This is totally unacceptable to them. The only reason that the left agreed to a poll in the first place was because they were absolutely certain that they would win. Here in Australia the government has promised a public plebiscite on the issue of gay marriage. The left have objected to this opportunity for the public to have their say in the strongest terms possible – to whit, they have called such a poll “hurtful to gay people everywhere” and “it will cause gay people to even kill themselves”. In other words, they’re not certain that they would win.

I expect the calls objecting to the poll result to only get louder. In response to such tactics I will be even louder still. Once the bubble has been pricked you do not want to give them an opportunity to make another one too fast. So go out and talk to a leftie. It’s your best opportunity to get them literally running for cover.