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Kevin Rudd and the graveyard of journalism.


where irrelevant journalists go to die …

It is becoming quite simple to predict what will occur in the Australian social and political scene simply because we are so closely aligned to what is happening in the rest of the Western world, and particularly the United States. However, we are a few years behind those other nations in the great battle with the progressive Left and the scourge of globalism. Thus it is possible to observe events, witness the reactions from established groups, and then turn an eye back on Australia. That journalists here are not themselves doing this is telling in itself.

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Hillary! because she’s a chick so why not?


“okay, remember what they said … you smile by opening your mouth …”

So Hillary! has the nomination which is absolutely brilliant according to MSM bastions like the New York Times who reckon she’s just tops:

Her education and work ethic eventually opened many avenues to her, and — despite forays into lucrative and sometimes regrettable pursuits like her corporate speechmaking — she has always returned to a path of service.

I would have thought that her avenues were opened by some other sort of arrangement …

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There is no such thing as a moderate feminist.


I give the one with the knitted beanie a 6.5/10.

Feminists. Don’t ya just love ’em? Sure, if loving something that’s equivalent to a brain-eating amoeba is your thing. Personally I stay far away from that sort of danger. Robert McCain however, likes to tackle them head on. The femos don’t like him very much. And yesterday I got into an argument with an obvious SJW on a piece at McCain’s blog titled, What is rape culture?

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A tale of a miserable Beta divorce.


Hi, my name’s Matt. I’m a miserable Beta so I want you to learn with me how to be a miserable Beta too.

If there is one trait that characterizes Beta males it’s the fact that they do not learn from relationship mistakes. Betas almost always make the wrong assumptions of why things went south, and usually it will be something along the lines of, ‘it was my fault/I didn’t respect her enough/I didn’t show my love enough/blah blah blah.

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The really really safe and unhackable Australian Census.

Ross Hamilton

Ross Hamilton says the ABS is no longer a trustworthy institution. The inference is that it once was …

In a few days we will have the 2016 Australian Census. How exciting! You get to give the government a wealth of your private information and they get to keep it safely on file where nobody can get at it for up to 4 years. Apparently it’s really really safe. No, really.

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Podcast #11 – The Bragging episode.

“Yeah, well man, it doesn’t matter what you think because I have a Mini Cooper!”

Drink of the episode – Zaccagnini Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2013
Cigar of the episode – Cohiba mini (I said that these were panatelas in the episode which was incorrect. These little cigars are okay, (but you still don’t inhale them even though they’re small), but keep in mind that they are made from the cast-off tobacco pieces in the factory.

It’s time to start suing activists.


can you work out what’s wrong in this photo …

Remember that kid who got taken by an alligator at Disney World a few months ago? Take a good guess at where you think matters stand now. I’ll give you just one shot at telling me what the parents of that poor boy are doing with regards to Disney. Oh, you think that they’re going to sue? Well, you’d be wrong, as was I.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”

That’s the serenity prayer. You might have heard it before but it doesn’t get quoted very often anymore. Turns out that the parents of the boy that was killed are actual adults. They are grieving and are in a lot of pain but litigation isn’t going to do them any favors, unless you’re the type of person who seeks to profit out of your very own misery. They are a lesson to us all.

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The Great Beauty.

la grande bellezza

My time in Italy was marked by my appreciation of beauty. Growing up in Australia, a society increasingly pockmarked with forced ugliness, I observed the push against beauty by the progressive Left. Whether it was in art, architecture, film, literature, fashion, or music, beauty could have no place in the postmodernist world. One example of this was a line of European trees on a street close to where I lived. The gave great shade in the heat of summer, while in the autumn their leaves turned a fiery orange that lent the street a sense of atmosphere. They were cut down en masse by the local council and replaced by stunted gum trees. The reason given was that they were not native and thus they were deemed unacceptable. But the real reason was because they were beautiful.

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A gift for new parents.

Whenever I have friends who are about to pop out their first screaming little bundle of joy into the world, I present them with this book. It is a classic of modern parenting. Pamela Druckerman married a Frenchman and had her children in Paris. Being an American, she began to bring up her children the modern American way, which is to say she made her kids the center of the universe and she revolved around them.

This didn’t go down too well with the French.

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Doomed to repeat history.


now children, please indicate to the foreigner where the bathroom is …

It’s 1935 here in Germany and as a foreigner working in business I have been observing your country’s recent political upheavals with interest. The other day I began a meeting when I was interrupted mid-introduction by a very Aryan looking fellow. He said that he was quite uncomfortable with the fact that I had failed to acknowledge the Fuhrer and as a good Aryan man and party member he didn’t know if he could even be in the same room with me without a proper acknowledgement.

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