postal vote

the best part of postal votes is that nobody can see you opening them …

Today, the day of the Australian Federal election, comes news that the Austrian presidential election from May which was won by the far-left candidate by a measly 30,863 votes has been annulled due to voter fraud. And not just a little bit of fraud.

It is not known how many of the 94 areas alleged to have voting irregularities have been investigated, but the court identified “20 particularly serious cases” after interviewing 67 witnesses. Two witnesses are reported to have refused to give a statement. The allegation is that in these areas the postal ballots were opened and sorted before the arrival of Electoral Commission arrivals, meaning they could have been easily tampered with.

Dear me. Some of you who followed this election may remember that the center-right candidate had had it in the bag until the very last moment when those pesky postal results came in. I smelled a rat, and so did many others. Now it’s official. Here’s what will happen now:

Absolutely no or very little coverage of this will occur in the MSM around the world. This is because it goes against their progressive agenda. Of course if the fix was the other way around then there would be massive coverage.

The Austrians will attempt to delay the new vote until it is as beneficial as possible for the far-left candidate. Once again, this is fairly obvious stuff.

Here’s my take on this matter: if a political entity is prepared to cheat just a little bit in a democratic election then they will be prepared to cheat a lot. You don’t just dip your toe in the water with this stuff. You’re either a crook or you’re not. Which means they will try to fix it once again. Idiots don’t learn from their mistakes however, so I expect the fraud to go the exact same way, with the postal votes.

Speaking of postal votes, this Australian election has been noticeable for the huge amount of voting that has been done before the official voting day. Over 2 million votes have already been cast. As far as I know this has never been allowed before let alone done to this extent.

I wonder why.