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Podcast episode #8 – The Indigenous episode.

Back after a week’s hiatus due to being interviewed by the very great Matt Forney, The Pushing Rubber Podcast zooms back into your headphones with a multifaceted episode:

Are they aboriginals or indigenous Australians?
Words matter.
Why cricket is the best game in the world.
Why men avoid doing things at which they’re novices.

Links mentioned:

Drink of the episode: Ron Zacapa 23 year rhum.
Cigar of the episode: Trinidad reyes.
The Cappy’s video on how to light and smoke a cigar.


The Australian Election.


Berlin 1945 – A real rape culture.


  1. Sjonnar

    No, he’s not the official nominee yet. The convention is in a couple weeks.

    • Sjonnar

      Also, it’s ray-ez.

      • Adam

        Thanks for that. Hate not knowing how to pronounce something.

      • Sjonnar

        No problem. Good episode. Precisely what is involved in these “Welcome to country” ceremonies and under what circumstances are they conducted? Beginning of sporting events and…? You mentioned politicians wanting to do them before official meetings or something?

        • Adam

          I think I’ll do a post about it to answer your questions. You’ve made me realize that this may be of some interest to non-Australians.

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