Podcast #9 – The Recycling episode.

New podcast up where I talk about recycling and other matters – it’s all about power and control. I also speak about a change to the title of my next book.

Drink of the episode – Amaro Tosolini.
Cigar of the episode – Cohiba Siglo II


3 thoughts on “Podcast #9 – The Recycling episode.

  1. Sjonnar

    No, the chick that Clinton barged onto her plane was the AG, Loretta Lynch. No idea who the chick you mentioned is, or why I should care enough to look her up.

    Pariah is puh-rye-uh.

    Agreed that recycling is nonsense. Metal is the only thing that isn’t energy-negative, for that matter. Everything else is like glass; costs more to recycle than to just throw away and make more. By the way, you don’t even need to dump glass in a landfill. Smash it up and dump it in the ocean; wave action will return it to particulate sand in no time. Ever seen seaglass? Same principle, just with smaller bits.

    The Navy tries to promote that shit; had those damn bins all over the base and they try to get people to separate out their trash and recycle it. I took great pleasure in throwing the wrong shit into the bins, just to fuck it all up.


      1. Sjonnar

        Yeah, I remember reading that yesterday. Didn’t remember the chick’s name because it doesn’t matter; she’s just another empty-headed leftie. It’s not like they’re in short supply.

        She even fails at being an idiot prog. Her assumption that the USG would leave a self-segregated white ethnostate alone is downright foolish. Even if all those rayciss white people self-segregated to a few states, the government would try to meddle, and if rebuffed, would invade them. Just like they did in 1861. But we all know progs don’t study history; it’s “not relevant” after all.


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