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Podcast #9 – The Recycling episode.

New podcast up where I talk about recycling and other matters – it’s all about power and control. I also speak about a change to the title of my next book.

Drink of the episode – Amaro Tosolini.
Cigar of the episode – Cohiba Siglo II



How to spot a good-time gal.


Don’t welcome me to my own bloody country.


  1. Sjonnar

    No, the chick that Clinton barged onto her plane was the AG, Loretta Lynch. No idea who the chick you mentioned is, or why I should care enough to look her up.

    Pariah is puh-rye-uh.

    Agreed that recycling is nonsense. Metal is the only thing that isn’t energy-negative, for that matter. Everything else is like glass; costs more to recycle than to just throw away and make more. By the way, you don’t even need to dump glass in a landfill. Smash it up and dump it in the ocean; wave action will return it to particulate sand in no time. Ever seen seaglass? Same principle, just with smaller bits.

    The Navy tries to promote that shit; had those damn bins all over the base and they try to get people to separate out their trash and recycle it. I took great pleasure in throwing the wrong shit into the bins, just to fuck it all up.

    • Adam

      Yeah, I realized that about her after I recorded it. Turns out she’s a blogger.

      Original link from vox populi here.

      • Sjonnar

        Yeah, I remember reading that yesterday. Didn’t remember the chick’s name because it doesn’t matter; she’s just another empty-headed leftie. It’s not like they’re in short supply.

        She even fails at being an idiot prog. Her assumption that the USG would leave a self-segregated white ethnostate alone is downright foolish. Even if all those rayciss white people self-segregated to a few states, the government would try to meddle, and if rebuffed, would invade them. Just like they did in 1861. But we all know progs don’t study history; it’s “not relevant” after all.

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