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New British conservative PM to fight for social justice.

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I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but the news that Theresa May has taken the leadership of the Tory party with what seems to be a full-blown screaming SJW agenda is beyond belief:

Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a government centred around social justice in a hard hitting statement of intent just minutes after Queen Elizabeth had charged her with leading the country … Mrs May used her first prime ministerial speech to promise to fight against burning injustices and disadvantages suffered by the poor, blacks, state school educated, women, the mentally ill, and the young.

Bloody hell. So there you go, we win but we lose. We won Brexit and as a result we get an SJW numbskull into the Tory leadership. What’s the bet that all of the pro-Brexit politicians who have been rewarded with plum positions will be gone within six months? Anyone want to give me an over/under on that one?

How is it possible for a woman to win the top job and immediately go on a rant about the disadvantages suffered by women? When is this ever going to end? Hot tip – it’s not going to. If ever the Tory party had a clear mandate to roll back some of the ridiculous social justice progressive left numbskullery of the last 30 years, this was the time.

Instead they’ve doubled down. Britain might have saved 750 million quid a week by leaving the EU but it looks like they intend to make up for that as soon as they possibly can. “Fighting for justice” is SJW-speak for ‘let’s spend as much money as we possibly can on useless causes that will give us the feel-goods and allow us to virtue-signal until the cows come home’.

She also spoke directly to people who are “just managing’’, working around the clock and who find life is sometimes a struggle, reassuring them that she wanted to give them more control over their lives.

Humor me here, but what’s the bet that this will just entail giving them great gobs of taxpayer’s money?

After her initial statement Mrs May then went inside 10 Downing Street to pen four notes to the commanders of Britain’s four nuclear submarines advising them of their actions in the event of an apocalyptic event. In the letters, which are sealed unopened in the submarine safes, Mrs May could chose to retaliate, to take no action, to defer to Australian or US leaders or to give the decision to the commanders.

Yes, well, I presume that the notes will go something along the lines of:

Nuclear weapons are a horrible horrible thing and since you are all privileged white males it would be better if you scuttled your hideous weapons of war with yourselves still inside. I however, leave that decision up to you because I’m weak as piss and can’t really make a decision of my own that doesn’t blow along with the autumn winds of social justice.

ps, nuclear winter is coming.

Thatcher must be rolling in her grave. What a disgrace, and what a disaster.



Don’t welcome me to my own bloody country.


Beware of the soul readers.

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