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Trump will carry every state.


better start banning those trucks then …

A few weeks ago when I was interviewed on the This Alt Right Life podcast, Matt Forney asked me for my take on what will happen with the US elections. I told him that not only will Trump win but it will be a Clinton immolation. Trump will win every state. It will be the Trumpageddon.

I’ve been saying this for some time. About a year to be precise. This is not me being some all-knowing sage and trying to show my general predictive awesomeness. In fact, for most of my life my predictive ability has been quite average. But not lately. I predicted Brexit, I predicted which way the Aussie election would go, (Turnbull scrapes in but the Senate dominated by minor conservative parties), and I predicted Trump. And my granddaddy prediction of the year is what I just wrote above – he’ll win, and he’ll take every state.

The question to ask yourself is why my predictive abilities have got red-hot in the past year. By answering that question you can begin to understand the general zeitgeist that is happening as we speak. The progressive Left has spent 40 years slowly tearing down the sacred institutions of Western civilization. They started by infiltrating universities and they went from there. They played the long game and they did it very well. But they made one big mistake.

They misunderstood the rise of Islam. The Left thought that they could use it to further their own aims like any other tool which they had commandeered up to that time. We can easily pinpoint the moment in which the Left collectively rolled over for Islam – 1989, and the Satanic Verses Controversy. Rushdie was abandoned by the Left, politicians, and the Western media. It was the beginning of Western capitulation which is reaching its natural end-game now. The Nice attack yesterday is merely another step on that journey.

One of the few Westerners to stand up for Rushdie and recognize the long-term dangers of what had occurred was Christopher Hitchens. A fearless warrior of the Left, the event caused him to re-examine his allegiances and he ultimately broke with the Left as a result. Helping to popularize the term, Islamofacism, Hitchens wrote continuously of its dangers to the West until his death.

If it had not been for the rise of Islam in the last 30 years then the progressive Left may well have won their long-term culture war. But bombings, shootings, decapitations, airplanes, and trucks all tend to send a clear message that no amount of safe-spaces and ridiculous candlelight vigils for the victims can effectively counter. To whit, the Left hitched their wagon to the wrong truck. They thought that they could use Islam to help their cause. Instead, Islam will help destroy it.

It has done so by revealing the utter falseness of the Left’s doctrines in the face of stark and brutal reality. One does not fight and prevail against such ideological opponents by using cultured reason and tolerance. In fact, this is a three-way cultural war between the Left, Western civilization, and Islam. The catalyst of Islam will only cause Western civilization to rise up, reclaim its great cultural institutions and traditions, and defeat its enemies. Islam will be defeated but in doing so, the Left will be defeated as well.

Brexit was a battle in this war. The Australian election was a skirmish. The US elections are the D-Day moment. And just as on that terrible day over 70 years ago, it will be the ordinary people who rise up and do the dirty work. 17.5 million of them voted for Great Britain to reclaim her sovereignty. Many more again will vote for Trump in November. They will not be voting for a politician. This is beyond politics. They will be voting for their way of life. And he will carry every state. Mark my word.


Beware of the soul readers.


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  1. I am your typical harangued conservative whose only relief is that sweet, sweet 90 seconds –every two years or so– I get to spend in a voting booth, surrounded by a closed curtain, to cast my F-you vote. This November that experience will be downright sensual!

    Ahhhh…the ballot. I can caress its edges, appreciate the good, sturdy card stock, then strike a blow for democracy with a rapier slash of the black marking pen tethered to the table.

    Sic semper tyrannis.

  2. tomsmith

    The people now in power in the UK after Brexit are the people that didn’t want it to happen. Don’t you think they will find a way to bugger it?

    • Adam

      Yes, it could well be that we won the battle but lost the war.

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