Just a quick post to give some shout-outs and some updates to happenings in my neck of the woods.

Firstly, I’ve had to push the publication of my new book back to August as we still have a bit more work to do with final editing and cover design. The cover is being modified as I’ve changed the title. Well, I’m changing the title – we’re still having arguments as to what it should be. Final decision coming soon after drinking three bottles of Italian red.

Now for some shout-outs. Firstly to the very awesome Wombat-Socho over at The Other McCain. Wombat has added me to their weekly blogging update list, Ripped from the Headlines. I’m really pleased about this as it’s a big deal for traffic to my growing blog but I’m also in very esteemed company. Thanks guys.

Next we have an awesome post from Aaron Clarey, Traits are no substitutes for accomplishments. Aaron has been doing the majority of his work on Youtube and his podcast lately, but this piece is a welcome return to his traditional blog format style. Excellent reading.

I was contacted this week by a chap named Thomas Bergman who blogs at libercolumbia. He wanted to know my take on blogging so I answered the three questions that he sent me. He gave me a nice write-up so hopefully he’ll take my advice and “post moar!” as they say.

A great new site I’ve discovered called inuakena. It’s devoted to rum. I love rum, and I love this site.

I’m also planning a short holiday to Sri Lanka so if anyone has hot tips for awesome hotel luxury please drop your suggestions to me.

And with that I’ll leave you with the Hawt babe of the week. I don’t know if I’ve done this girl before, (as in included her photo), but if I have, who cares! I’ll include her again. She’s an actual living and breathing member of the Swiss cycling team. Yousers.

swiss biker