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Australia does not have a conservative party.


it’s been a while since we’ve had a conservative leader …

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that the new Australian conservative prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was not going to have things his own way:

With over 1.3 million votes going to minor conservative parties, what this election showed is that Del-Cons do matter. Turnbull will now be forced to accommodate true conservatives onto his front bench.

Turns out I misjudged the situation. Even though he barely squeaked over the line he remains completely certain of his own unending brilliance and superior intelligence in all matters. True conservatives in the party have been left on the back bench, most notably the former prime minister Tony Abbott.

In light of recent events, Senator Cory Bernardi has formed a new conservative group to unite conservatives in Australia. It remains to be seen how he plans for this to proceed. At this time he has merely called for like-minded people to join, but he has not even released information on how many have already signed up.

The fact that Bernardi is doing this in the face of his own party speaks volumes for the dire situation that conservatives find themselves in Australia at this time. We have not had a true conservative party since 2007 when John Howard was defeated, but even he was dubious in his conservative role. This is the man, remember, who effectively banned Australian citizens from owning firearms. And the highly controversial “hate speech” legislation sat on the books under his watch, untouched and unchallenged for over a decade.

As one commenter over at Catallaxy files wrote,

Is it any wonder voters are abandoning the Liberals. Too scared to call climate change ‘absolute crap’; too scared to abolish 18C; too scared to reform immigration and refugee policy; too scared to take the billions in funding away from leftist agencies, causes and NGOs; too scared to reform the justice system; too scared to get all the leftist crap out of the education curriculum; too scared to abolish welfare as a lifestyle choice; too scared to abolish media censorship; too scared to de-fund the arts and sport; too scared to demand value and accountability for government grants; too scared to reform foreign aid; and so on.

A true conservative party would do exactly that. If even one of those points was seriously undertaken there would be mass demonstrations in the streets with the leftie luvvies losing their collective minds. But we have seen no demonstrations because the Liberal party, (which are the conservatives if you folks from the USA are wondering), are scared. Which means that they are cowards. Tony Abbott stopped the boats, he repealed the awful mining and carbon taxes, but then he ran out of courage.

They’ve been scared for over 40 years. And over that time, piece by piece, the Left have built up their power in the background, unchallenged and aided and abetted by their enemies. For when the Liberal party are in power they appoint members of the Left to prominent positions. They are too afraid to even appoint their own; or perhaps they want the Left to “play nice” and “like them”. But the Left don’t play nice. They play smart and they play the long game.

We have faux-conservatives and they are too scared. The only move the present government has up its sleeve is to penalize Australians who followed the rules and saved for their own retirement. The looming retrospective taxation of the superannuation system is a complete betrayal of the entire Australian tax base. It will result in a total of lack of confidence in superannuation and an increased reliance on welfare in retirement. Just the sort of move in which the Left could be proud.

With a majority of a single seat I give the present government a year of survival time at best. Which means Bernardi better get cracking, as it won’t take much more of this for Australia to become the 21st century Argentina.



It’s all men’s fault, again.


Doomed to repeat history.


  1. Easter is a popular prediction. Brexit. Trump landslide. Turnbull sacking. There’s a preference cascade happening.

    • Adam

      It’s a Black Swan event and most people, particularly the talking heads and political pundits, aren’t seeing it. Because they don’t want to see it.

  2. Interesting post. It’s somewhat similar here in Britain, the Conservatives promised to have eliminated the budget deficit by now, and only halved it!

    By the way I really loved your book, it was inspirational! I called you out in an article recently, somehow linking your witch doctor story to the UK nuclear deterrent:

    • Adam

      Well all I’ll say is a 50% reduction is much better than none at all, or an increase for that matter.

      Glad you liked the book – spread the word!

      As to the article, any deterrent will fail if the opponent sniffs the bluff. Which is why it’s so important to use their own customs and fears against them. Your analogy from my book was a good one. The respect from the locals as to myself and my associate increased noticeably after that episode. The prevailing opinion was that these mazungus were willing to use the locals customs against them. Men to be feared.

      • Indeed, and we’re outgrowing Europe, but the funny thing is that the left see the Tories, somehow, a bastard child of Thatcher and Mussolini.

        What you say about customs is really interesting. I’m reading Andrew Breitbart’s book on the Radical Left in America, and how they manipulate situations. He talks about Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, 2 & 3 of which are: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” & “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” This is interesting, as, if he’s right (which Breitbart certainly thinks he is) the deterrent effect makes our opponents into ‘our people’. As the phrase goes, it’s better to have them inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent, pissing in.

        • Adam

          Customs are tied up together with culture. The progressive Left do all they can to destroy customs. Christmas is a fine example of this, although there are many more. Alinksy’s rules are spot on but they’ve taken it a step further to redefine culture in such a way that people accept it as the new normal. Thus they manipulate not just the situations but the actual expertise.

  3. Juanita

    Unfortunately Cory Bernadi’s staffer says in an email to me that he is not involved in the new group, it is being set up by a third party. If one goes to the site to register interest there is no information just a request for a donation. Hardly an inspirational beginning. Maybe conservatives just never will get the importance of social media.

    • Adam

      Okay, took me a while to work this one out. There are 2 websites for Australian conservatives. One is This one has nothing to do with Senator Bernardi as far as I can tell.

      The other one is Senator Bernardi linked to this on his personal email letter only yesterday.

      • Juanita

        Yes, the first is not the site. The second asks for contact details and then has nothing else except a request for donation. No info. about who owns the site or where that donation is going to. Been saying they’re in the process of setting up a website for some time now. It’s not a good look and Cory Bernadi needs to be wary of his association here. I wrote to tell him so and got this back from a staffer:
        ‘Whilst Senator Bernardi has recently spoken about the Australian Conservatives movement, it is being coordinated by another organisation.

        You can contact Australian Conservatives by emailing the Conservative Leadership Foundation at [email protected]
        Not good practice to set up a website with the sole aim of collecting donations’ especially without saying who is behind it and what the donation will be used for.

        • Adam

          No, I suppose it’s not. This is from Bernardi’s email letter this week:

          You can be the driver of that change by subscribing to Australian Conservatives and making a financial contribution to help establish and build the Conservative movement. It is a movement for truth.

          With your support, we will change politics in Australia and restore the faith of the silent majority.

          The bolded words had direct links.

          I feel either Bernardi or the staffer is being disingenuous here.

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