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There is no such thing as a moderate feminist.


I give the one with the knitted beanie a 6.5/10.

Feminists. Don’t ya just love ’em? Sure, if loving something that’s equivalent to a brain-eating amoeba is your thing. Personally I stay far away from that sort of danger. Robert McCain however, likes to tackle them head on. The femos don’t like him very much. And yesterday I got into an argument with an obvious SJW on a piece at McCain’s blog titled, What is rape culture?

He wrote the following:

As I’ve said before, not all feminists.

There are Christians who use little more than the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule and don’t even attend church every week. There are chess players who get much more from just playing than by studying books and the past games of the masters. There are musicians who can’t read music but can still touch your soul. There are practical engineers who never formally studied, but can do amazing things.

Academics are supposed to study, not to Proclaim The True Way.

There are women who have never heard of all these female writers and professors you cite but still call themselves feminists. From what I’ve seen many of them would be horrified by these ideas.

When I challenged him as to who exactly are these so-called “not all feminists” I got the following response:

Great question! Let’s look at two of the groups involved. One is very definitely made up of Those Who Want To Be Noticed. They desire fame, power, adoration, and deference. Oh, and Moral Authority™ backed by the force of law.The one thing they are not interested in equality. They break the rules to get what they crave, all in the name of the “greater good” of course.

The other group is interested in working to make things better for them and theirs. All they really want is equality. So which group will you hear about? Which group do you want as neighbors?

Which group of brain-eating amoeba do I want as neighbors? Erm … is this a trick question?

Let’s be clear – equality is simply another word for communism. As Milton Friedman wrote, “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Equality is one of the favored rallying cries for SJW progressive luvvie lunatics everywhere. They’re not happy with the possibility of a high degree of equality as a result of freedom. They want 100% equality and they want it now.

So anyone who spouts off about equality has immediately given themselves away. Other giveaways include, “diversity” and “multiculturalism” with the phrase, “is our strength” attached after all three of these.

Modern feminism is primarily concerned with the destruction of the traditional family. They’ve been hard at it since 1968. Any group of freaks or the mentally ill are prime candidates to be swept up so as to be given “rights” at the expense of broader society and its stability through the family. Feminists hate men. Their favored rallying cry is of course misogyny, but as SJWs always project it is a simple step to work out who has the problem with hatred here.

Nobody who officially classifies themselves as a feminist can be unaware of what modern feminism is about. Far from being “horrified by these ideas” they seek the same goals but through different methods. You never hear these so-called moderate feminists decrying the excesses of the mainstream feminist movement. Who has ever seen femos battling it out with each other over the methods used for the same objective? Just as moderate Muslims are no different in their eventual aims than hardline terrorists, you can chuck all the feminists in the same boat as well. So what do all feminists want, no matter what their methods?

We must destroy the very structure of culture as we know it, its art, its churches, its laws; we must eradicate from consciousness and memory all of the images, institutions, and structural mental sets that turn men into rapists by definition and women into victims by definition. Until we do, rape will remain our primary sexual model and women will be raped by men.
As women, we must begin this revolutionary work. When we change, those who define themselves over and against us will have to kill us all, change, or die. In order to change, we must renounce every male definition we have ever learned; we must renounce male definitions and descriptions of our lives, our bodies, our needs, our wants, our worth . . . We must refuse to be complicit in a sexual-social system that is built on our labor as an inferior slave class.

Any man who classifies himself as a feminist in order to have a chance at playing hide the sausage with a “moderate feminist” is the type of fool who thinks it’s a fab idea to do some volunteer work in an area hit by the Ebola virus.


A tale of a miserable Beta divorce.


Hillary! because she’s a chick so why not?

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  1. Windy Wilson

    Ladies! If you think it’s just too much work and hassle and too terrible to have to consider the feelings and humanity of the father of your children because — Patriarchy! just wait until Matriarchy when you’re waiting for your brothers (the ones birthed by your mother, not metaphorical brothers) to get around to helping you raise the kids who they are sure of the family connection, because that’s the consequence of Matriarchy.

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