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Australia does not have a conservative party.


it’s been a while since we’ve had a conservative leader …

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that the new Australian conservative prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was not going to have things his own way:

With over 1.3 million votes going to minor conservative parties, what this election showed is that Del-Cons do matter. Turnbull will now be forced to accommodate true conservatives onto his front bench.

Turns out I misjudged the situation. Even though he barely squeaked over the line he remains completely certain of his own unending brilliance and superior intelligence in all matters. True conservatives in the party have been left on the back bench, most notably the former prime minister Tony Abbott.

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It’s all men’s fault, again.


Sexologist and relationships expert Amanda Lambros is going to tell you that it’s all your fault.

Men and women. Women and men. Relationships. Space aliens. The usual stuff. You’d think with all of the angst and trauma that someone somewhere would know what they are doing and let you in on the secret. Perhaps they should teach this stuff in school. Yeah, right! They can’t even teach calculus properly – what makes you think that they’ll get really hard stuff like relationships right?

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Some links and news – July 20th.

Just a quick post to give some shout-outs and some updates to happenings in my neck of the woods.

Firstly, I’ve had to push the publication of my new book back to August as we still have a bit more work to do with final editing and cover design. The cover is being modified as I’ve changed the title. Well, I’m changing the title – we’re still having arguments as to what it should be. Final decision coming soon after drinking three bottles of Italian red.

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Podcast #10 – The Ghostbusters episode.

I decided to review the reviews of the new Ghostbusters film. Many links below the cutoff.

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Sonia Kruger – Australia’s Brigitte Bardot.

Before yesterday I had not heard of Sonia Kruger as I am not a watcher of daytime television, or television at all for that matter. If cigarettes stunt the body then surely television does the same for the mind. But if you had told me that a TV presenter in Australia would have called for a ban on muslim immigration, I would have told you that you were off your rocker.

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Stop speaking English, foreign appropriators.


where da white women at?

It turns out we can’t eat sushi anymore. No, really. Well we can, but according to Dr Seiko Yasumoto, Senior Lecturer in Japanese, East Asian media and cultural studies at The University of Sydney (the chick in the photo above):

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The Turkish Coup.


we were sitting around in the barracks, a bit bored, you know how it is, and we thought, ‘hey, why don’t we take out one of the tanks for a drive?’

My oh my, we are living in exciting times, are we not? China building artificial islands in the South China Sea in order to expand her territorial ambitions, (believe it or not, this is China’s way of being the good guy – China’s leaders are going to do this anyway but this is their way of achieving their aim without utilizing military force. Of course the UN then proceeds to tell them to stop or the UN will say stop again.)

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Trump will carry every state.


better start banning those trucks then …

A few weeks ago when I was interviewed on the This Alt Right Life podcast, Matt Forney asked me for my take on what will happen with the US elections. I told him that not only will Trump win but it will be a Clinton immolation. Trump will win every state. It will be the Trumpageddon.

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Beware of the soul readers.

soul reader

I searched for “soul reader hate crime’ on google and I got the actual image of the woman who came up with this law.

Nottinghamshire in the UK has become the first judicial code to record misogyny as a hate crime. Apparently they have an entire task-force ready to go which will descend on the streets to sniff out all this terrible hatred with the sort of ferocity that SJWs wet themselves about on a regular basis.

“Oh, imagine when we’re in charge! Imagine when we can get back at all those horrible bullies who always picked me last for sports! Now they will feel my wrath and they will suffer …”

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New British conservative PM to fight for social justice.

british pm

“are there … are there any men here?”

“NO NO NO … no no no …”

I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but the news that Theresa May has taken the leadership of the Tory party with what seems to be a full-blown screaming SJW agenda is beyond belief:

Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a government centred around social justice in a hard hitting statement of intent just minutes after Queen Elizabeth had charged her with leading the country … Mrs May used her first prime ministerial speech to promise to fight against burning injustices and disadvantages suffered by the poor, blacks, state school educated, women, the mentally ill, and the young.

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