The importance of having a budget.

eating out

Your bill, sir, is three times your weekly salary.

Time for a personal finance post as it’s been a while between drinks. Today I’m going to look at the art of spending money. It might surprise you that spending money is in fact an art, but if motorcycle maintenance is an art then spending the cash that purchased it most certainly is as well. You can either spend money well or spend money badly. Let’s have a look at how this all works.

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Podcast #16 – The “I Love You” episode + links of the week.

I haven’t done a links of the week for a while due to my daily posting schedule. But then I came up with the brilliant idea to include it with my weekly podcast. So below the cut I have some extremely tasty links of the week for you, plus my podcast of course which concerns my ironclad rules for when to say “I love you” to a girl for the first time.

Break these rules at your considerable peril. You have been warned.

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That’s not funny.

don rickles

this guy made fun of black people. Better get your pitchforks sharpened.

Gene Wilder died today. He was part of the great cohort of comedians in the 1970s that included Lenny Bruce, Don Rickles, and Richard Pryor. You can jump on youtube and look at just about any skit from these guys from the 60s and 70s and know in your heart of hearts that it couldn’t be performed today. Apparently that’s called progress. When they’re screaming one particular word at the top of their lungs it’s a pretty good bet that the reality is the opposite of the word that you’re hearing. Which sounds a lot like regression to me.

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On Welfare.


I have never received welfare as an adult. When I was at school a very long time ago, I got a study allowance that was $50 a week for a year or so. But once I left school I refused to countenance the idea. From 18 to 21 my life was characterized by a succession of mundane casual jobs as I struggled to find my way in adult life. Cleaner, bartender, laborer, waiter, musician, actor, sales assistant, there may be others but I can’t remember them. I only ever made enough to just get by, but I got by. At the time I viewed myself as a failure. Now I look back and I can raise a glass to that clueless young me. Because I never sold out.

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How to mix a drink.

0909 Pr 5566 Liquid Club

my bar in the Italian alps – lots of drinks mixed here.

It’s Sunday which means time for another post in my new series concerning, “The habits of the modern man.” Today we’re going to take a look at the process involved in mixing a drink. Being able to mix a drink well is a good skill to have. For a start it means that you’ll always be able to enjoy an excellent beverage if you have the ingredients at hand. You’ll also be able to prepare drinks for guests, particularly your “special lady friend.” The downside of knowing how to mix a drink is that you’ll no longer be able to pretend to enjoy the rubbish that is prepared at many bars.

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