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Let’s start off this piece on the correct footing. No, you can’t change the world. You narcissistic little douchebags. What sort of fucked-up personal hubris do you have to have to actually believe that you can change the world? But it’s like a plague. All of the do-gooders, the professional activists, the ‘agents of change’, the progressives, all of these dregs of humanity are convinced that they can change the world.

Notice how the saying isn’t, ‘You can change the world for the better‘. That’s because these morons have the certain belief that they know what is best for the world. Maybe it won’t turn out that way if they do manage to get what they want. I reckon towards the end of his life, if he was just a little bit honest with himself, old Nelson Mandela might have had a terrible thought that maybe, just maybe, it would have been a better idea for all concerned if he had just stayed in jail.

It starts off in school. Teachers, who these days have an IQ measured in double digits and with personality problems that would have landed them in a mental institution fifty years ago, teachers routinely sprout off this dangerous nonsense to their young and impressionable charges. Usually it goes together with the old lie, ‘You can be anything you want to be’. No, I’m sorry little Stacey with ankles the size of truck tires, you ain’t gonna be a ballerina – I don’t care what your mum says.

So is changing the world impossible? No, of course not. The Wright brothers changed the world with a little invention called flight. But the point is that they didn’t set out to change the world. They set out to make a machine that could fly. Understand the difference? If your focus is on achieving something then with your success you might change the world. Good for you. But if your focus is just on changing the world then all you’re going to do is to cast around for anything to make this happen. And seeing as only someone with a borderline personality disorder and a chronic need for approval and praise would do this then you’re going to settle for achievements that fall under the banner of pissing everyone off for your own sense of accomplishment. And that’s because at heart you’re just a talentless hack.

Let’s look at someone just like this. Monica Bourgeau wrote a piece for the old Huffington Post called, 7 ways you can change the world. 7 ways! By anyone! See? They’re all interchangeable.

At that moment, I definitely didn’t feel like I was changing anything. I was just earning a paycheck. Just surviving. I didn’t have time to think about changing the world. I had deadlines to meet and never enough time for anything extra.

Does that sound familiar? Many people I know are in the same situation. How can you take on the problems of the world when there’s so much to do already? It can be overwhelming, no matter how good your intentions might be.

How about that? There she was living the feminist dream of slaving away for a paycheck so she could just survive without a man to look after her but then she realized, oh my God! I haven’t changed the world yet!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the world, just like you always thought you would. You can make a positive change. You can do meaningful deeds and make a positive impact on other people.

What’s more, when you do something meaningful, you do more than just change the world. You increase your own happiness.

Interfering in other people’s lives increases your own happiness while changing the world! It’s a win-win for narcissism!

She goes on, of course. I mean, she has seven points to blather through. (I really love the idea that you can change the world by sitting in a dark corner of your house and meditating. I mean, who woulddathoughit?)

For all of you world-botherers out there, please give it a rest. You can’t change the world, we don’t want you to change the world, and your idea of a better world is probably going to look like modern day Venezuela. But what is a potential world-changer going to do if they can’t change the world?

Go and have some children and impress upon them the knowledge that they can’t change the world. That might get things back in the right direction.



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  1. All the world’s biggest villains were trying to change the world.

    I can understand the urge. I used to be like that when I was younger. It’s a lot easier to sign an online petition or attend a demonstration than it is to start a successful, small business. Once I became more confident in my own ability to get by in the world I became less concerned with the plight of poor people in distant countries who didn’t know who I was and who would probably kidnap or eat me if they could.

  2. Floyd R Turbo (American)

    On the plus side, I read this nitwits article and nothing she suggested could ever change the world in any way. So if it makes them happy, why not encourage them to do it?

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