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What exactly is ‘Rape Culture’?


somehow I don’t think she needs to worry about rape …

You’re a modern man in a modern world. Trying to make your way in life. So many things are confusing these days and it can be hard to navigate the pitfalls of social niceties and what is allowed and what is not. Take this whole ‘rape culture’ business. What’s that about, I hear you ask. Does that mean that women are being raped by barbarian hordes? Now, now – don’t be silly. This isn’t Germany after all.

No, rape culture is something a little different. To understand what it is we’ll need to turn to a real expert like Alys Gagnon. What makes Gagnon an expert in such a complicated field? Let’s go to her Linkedin profile and find out:

I like to write things, read things, think about things and make things. I’m interested in modern motherhood, feminism, children, social justice, current affairs and politics.

So there you go. Better qualifications than these I don’t think you’ll find anywhere. She must be a real expert on this rape culture stuff, and she has a child so she must have had sex at least once I suppose. Yesterday on Australian television a female newsreader retired and one of her male colleagues went to give her a peck on the cheek goodbye on live TV. But she turned her head away and it was so awkward! So Gagnon posted about it on Facebook and she was shocked at the replies. Shocked I tell you. Time to write a piece about it for Mammamia:

If you need help understanding the term ‘rape culture’, then you don’t need to look any further than Mamamia’s own Facebook page, I’m sad to say.

Yesterday, Mamamia published a story about the incredibly awkward moment Channel 9 journalist Tony Jones went to give weather presenter Rebecca Judd a farewell kiss.

Judd didn’t see it coming, clearly didn’t want to be kissed and turned her head away. It was awkward at best. At worst it might be considered workplace harassment.

When our team posted the story on our Facebook page, it might be naive of me, but I was shocked at some of the comments.

“She comes off as being stuck up and rude.”

“She is so rude!! I couldn’t believe she did it! Get over yourself lady…”

“Was embarrassed for Tony. Just a best wishes peck on the cheek and she was horrified. Might need to come down a few levels and humanise yourself Bec.”

“He should of her (sic) a clip under the ear for good luck, rude b—-.”

These kinds of comments appeared on other social media pages last night and this morning.

How dreadful it must have been for Gagnon to post what is obviously a clear example of rape culture only for the uneducated masses to collectively come to the incorrect conclusion. This just demonstrates how complicated this whole rape culture issue is. I mean, back in the old days, (about 2 years ago), rape meant that a person was sexually assaulted and penetrated by another person. But now it means that a kiss on the cheek is symbolic of the same thing. Apparently.

These comments are the perfect example of a rape culture, a culture that normalises violence against women and the idea that a woman’s body is not her own.

It’s not rude or stuck up to pull away from a situation that is uncomfortable or even just awkward. It’s not ungracious to maintain control over your physical body, what happens to it and who touches it, and that includes everything from a hand on the shoulder to sexual assault.

Violence! See that? The male colleague thought that he was being gallant but instead he was no better than some evil pervert who sexually assaults women behind the toilet block. They are one and the same, well at least according to Gagnon. But not only that – the comments are also examples of rape culture. You don’t even have to physically touch a woman – merely thinking the wrong way is tantamount to rape. I assume that Gagnon would like some re-education camps to be opened as quickly as possible.

So what is the modern man to do in the face of such confusion and ambiguity? To answer that I need to turn back to Gagnon’s Linkedin profile.


Hmmm … Social justice officer and national organiser for the Progressive Left. If the photo at the top of this page didn’t tell you to stay far away, then this should. Quite simply, an ardent feminist like this is male poison. She is out to do you no favors, far from it. You are male and you are the enemy so anything that you do that she disapproves of which involves women is automatically stuck in a box labeled, ‘rape culture’. See how it works now?

No, neither do I.


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  1. Carl-Edward

    I think most women become somewhat unbalanced after twenty-five. Moreover, I believe that – fundamentally – women and men do not like each other. Freud was quite right when he wrote of: ‘penis envy’ – and in ugly, undesirable bitches, this becomes a mania.

    Women are vile in their treatment of one another, because of an atavistic – and inherent – instinct towards nest-building, even if they are unaware of it, and want neither marriage nor children.

    However sweet and gracious – however well-bred and elegant – women are evil, castrating bitches.

  2. Simone

    Not a big fan of women, Carl-Edward?
    With an attitude like yours, I’m guessing women don’t think much of you either.

    It’s one thing to highlight the vile consequences of feminist theory and to draw attention to the insane ramblings of dumb-as-dog-s**t feminists like the one discussed above, but to label all women as evil, castrating bitches is quite another. That’s strikes me as just a tiny bit hyperbolic. Wouldn’t it be fairer to say that female nature, just like male nature, is neither all good nor all bad? Unless or until a lid is put on feminism, the less desirable aspects of female nature will continue to be unleashed, and given free expression. Calling women castrating bitches will not help to achieve this end.

  3. Adam

    Got to agree with Simone here, Carl. He pretty much nailed it.

  4. Carl, if someone said, ‘Deep down, men want to live like kings with an extensive stable of loving, nubile concubines,’ would you be offended? I wouldn’t, because there’s a grain of truth there. That doesn’t mean that men are slaves to their lusts. It just recognizes that the lusts are there.
    It’s the same with women. They have their own lusts for a more exciting partner, for drama and for attention. By the same token, children love mischief. Dogs dig holes in the garden. Summer is hot and winter is cold. Accept these things and life is much more zenful.

  5. I take pleasure to angering the left-wing liberal Feminazis.

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