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The Islamic world doesn’t like cartoonists. “Je suis Charlie” anyone? In fact if there were two singular events that propelled the spread of Islam to the West it would be The Satanic Verses affair and the Danish Mohammed cartoons. The capitulation of the West in the face of Muslim outrage told Islamic leaders that they only had to kick in the door and the whole rotting structure would come crashing down. Images and the written word are powerful.

The above cartoon by Bill Leak was published yesterday in The Australian newspaper. It is in reaction to images of aboriginal youths in detention being disciplined with spit hoods which were broadcast by the ABC a few days ago. This broadcast provoked a knee-jerk response from the Federal government which immediately installed a Royal Commission, apparently unaware that the incidents themselves had already been investigated by a previous Labor state government. But there is a state election looming in the Northern Territory and the ABC is always doing its best to break its charter.

The cartoon squarely places in focus the context of the issue which is the extreme dysfunction of aboriginal families. Forty years of unremitting welfare by governments to pay to make the problem go away, (and since when has that ever worked anywhere in the world), have created a culture of degradation and alienation. But it is out of sight and out of mind for ordinary Australians and as long as they don’t have to think about it then everything can proceed as normal.

The ABC let the cat out of the bag with the explicit intent of electoral mischief, but Leak and several commentators have taken advantage of the situation to bring attention to the real and underlying problem in the aboriginal community and in what is called the aboriginal industry.

And the luvvies do not like this one bit. The ABC itself, who first aired the footage remember, alluded to the cartoon being a racist attack. Of course there is nothing racist at all about the cartoon, unless providing truthful commentary about a social underclass is now racist. One wonders which of the three figures is racist?

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council said the cartoon was racist and has filed a complaint with the Australian Press Council.

“It was absolutely disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. I can’t believe The Australian, a national newspaper, would be so insulting to us as Aboriginal people,” the council’s chairman Roy Ah-See said.

Twitter, that great bastion of the luvvie left, apparently went into meltdown yesterday. This probably means that about thirty do-gooder activist luvvies were making as much white noise as possible. As Bill Leak himself writes in today’s Australian they are suffering from what he calls, Chronic Truth Aversion Disorder or CTAD.

The fact is that this situation is not a race issue. Are aborigines Australian? Of course they are. Then it is an Australian issue. The act of labeling it as racist is itself inherently racist. These sufferers of CTAD wish only to shut down the argument and draw away attention from the actual problem. It is far easier to continue to scream that aborigines are victims so as to continue with the cozy aboriginal industry arrangements than to take a serious look at the underlying causes of the problem. Leak’s cartoon highlights the lack of family unity and personal responsibility that plagues aboriginal communities. This is an uncomfortable truth and it is far easier for people to scream that they are offended than to take a good hard look at the situation.

I have no doubt that the free speech police will be brought in after receiving a barrage of complaints. Bill Leak has had to move house recently after serious threats were made against him and his family. His cartoons are marvelously effective. And he is just as courageous as those writers and cartoonists who have battled with Islamic forces over free speech and censorship. In that regard they hold much in common with the progressive Left. A chronic aversion to the truth.


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  1. This story has two powerful elements that may have widened the crack in the facade over truth. The man himself: Leak escalated in the next day’s cartoon. The forces against him have an effective MO for destroying the lives and livelihoods of others, but he fights them by never backing down and never apologising. I sit back in my comfortable chair and admire his courage. He also writes very well, so I am pleased with The Australian for ensuring (so far) his platform.

    And the national conversation we haven’t been permitted to utter aloud for 30 years: we now know that the NT government had been reviewing and reforming juvenile justice for at least five years before the disgraceful ABC attack. Anecdote is not evidence, but I’ve had several conversations about this in the past week, with people I would never have expected to raise it. On the topic of the isolated communities, ‘Why are they still there?’ is a common rhetorical question.

    • Adam

      I worked in mining exploration out in remote Western Australia. Some of the things I saw out there reminded me of Africa, only worse. Why are they there indeed.

      As for Leak, the man can draw and write. If The Australian ever dropped its support he should merely follow Scott Adams’ example. Leak would kill it on his own.

  2. Ken in NH

    Until recently, I wondered about the attraction of the left, worldwide, to Islam and Muslims. Their constant patronizing of Islamic mutterings and apologia for Islamic terrorism is too strident and too antithetical to be explained by anti-Christian, anti-West hatred or yet another class of “oppressed” people they can condescendingly defend.

    Then it occurred to me, it’s that they admire the power that Muslim clerics and leaders hold over large populations and the tactics they are allowed and even encouraged to use. In almost every leftist is a Commissar waiting to emerge once the revolution happens, but most are too cowardly to openly defy law and Western society to bring their precious revolution about. Even the most brazen of leftists hide behind masks and bandannas. But Muslim society has no such hangups and leftists envy that.

    • Adam

      You have a point but I think that the much greater attraction is the fact that they have similar goals. They both want to destroy the West. The Left wants to destroy capitalism and rebuild society in the great worker’s socialist paradise. Islam of course just wants Islam. So their goals were unified. Unfortunately for the Left, (and for us), they are dumb. They viewed Islam as the useful idiots but reality demonstrates that they have that ass backwards.

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