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The vast majority of my friends are blue pill. I’d put the figure at over 80%. Considering that I’m including rafting guides in this, that’s a pretty high number. Most of these guys are very successful in their professional careers. But on a personal basis they are miserable. Each of their individual miseries are unique but the common theme is the belief that they have no power in their personal relationships.

They have no power because they gave it away. They believed all the programming that told them that women are special and unique sunflowers that must be held aloft and worshiped at all times. They all put their relationships before their natural impulses, forgoing sex or patiently waiting for their partner to “be ready” or “find herself.” Blue pill men don’t “have sex” – they “make love”. It’s a constant jumping through hoops to demonstrate how caring they are and how meaningful the sex is when they finally get it.

Years of this take a great toll on a relationship. Their women despise them at a fundamental level and these men are powerless to reverse the course of events. I spoke to a friend recently who is in this position and I attempted to explain to him some basic red pill elements that would help him to begin to recover the situation but after a little while he waved me away. He told me that it wasn’t recoverable and it was at that moment that I realized that he wasn’t talking about his partner. He was talking about himself.

Rafting guides are an interesting group to examine under these conditions. The factors that make them attractive to women in the first place, (their masculine lifestyle, their personal power, the number of women that they have on the go at the same time), all of these evaporate once they settle down with one woman. They lose what made them attractive to women in the first place once they commit to an exclusive relationship. Once they stop rafting for a living it gets even worse.

Sleeping with a lot of women, (and rafting guides are notorious for being womanizers), does not make you red pill aware. In some ways it is an even more dangerous circumstance. The blue pill male who has slept with dozens of women primarily because of an outside circumstance such as his job will mistakenly attribute his sexual success to his own actions. It’s like winning a poker hand that you played in a terrible manner. You will play the hand the same way the next time because your experience has taught you that this will be a positive outcome when it was only fortuitous circumstance that enabled you to have the win.

Trapped in an awful relationship, these men usually pine for the old days when they were a rafting guide and they had scores of women at their feet. They devolve into telling war stories about how many women they had in one night while delaying the moment that they have to return return home to a cold and unwelcoming bed.

But whether an ex-rafting guide or not, their blue pill outlook and subsequent beta behavior guarantee a steady erosion of their personal power to the extent that they are literally frozen into activity when encountering any conflict or trauma in their personal life. Like the proverbial deer in the headlights they do not know which way to jump or what to do. The effect is that they do nothing. They are resigned to their misery. And a man who is powerless to act is not a man, and particularly in the eyes of his woman.

Which is why women initiate over 80% of divorces. Women are far more pragmatic than men in this regard and they are far less likely to remain in a meaningless relationship. I have had friends who were passively freed from marriages in this manner. They each told me how better off they now were, apparently oblivious to the fact that they didn’t have the balls to take action themselves. Invariably they stumbled into another relationship where the cycle repeated itself anew. They are trapped in a Limbo of suffering, doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

If you’re a young man reading this who is not red pill aware, do not delude yourself into believing that you will be somehow immune from this fate. After your personal finances, relationships and women is the most important learning aspect of your life. And if you continually get it wrong and do not learn from your mistakes you are just about guaranteed a miserable time of it. If you put in the hard work during your twenties and thirties then you stand a good chance to reap the rewards later on in life. But if you persist in your blue bill behavior you will inevitably reach a point where change is no longer possible. You will be one of the many lost ones.


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  1. Allen

    At the age of 42 I found myself a widower. I mention this because a woman’s perception of you is very different than if you were divorced. Many women will see a divorced man as a failure, but a widower is viewed with a certain sense of strength. Divorced, single fathers usually also fall into this category.

    What is interesting though is how that status plays into new relationships. I believe that it comes down to strength, and will. If it is known that you will only deal from enlightened self-interest then a healthy relationship comes easily.

    I subsequently re-married, and I became intensely interested in her with one simple thing she did early on. She went out to my horses and walked right in with them and established her status with them, even though she was afraid of my trail horse (now there’s an alpha horse). That damn fool horse is absolutely smitten with her.

    Strength and will.

    • Adam

      Very interesting. Rollo at The Rational Male speaks a lot about a man’s frame. The stronger the frame then the more power he has. Women react to a man’s frame accordingly. Usually they see if they are able to alter it and bend him to their will. But that is uniquely not possible with a man who is a widower. In fact, the very act of doing so would be obviously hostile.

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