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Castel Valer

me I want.

The photo is of Castel Valer which I noticed online yesterday as apparently it is up for sale with a cool reserve of around $50 million. The reason that I’m mentioning it is because the castle is located in the region where I used to live in Italy. The cultivated trees in the foreground are apple orchards which are everywhere in the Non Valley or Val di Non as it is known in Italian. The mountains in the background divide this valley from the valley in which I lived, the Sun Valley, better known as Val di Sole.

Check out the link because the interior photos are glorious, and the sale includes all furnishings and artworks. It has been in the Valer family since the 14th century and I can only assume that they cannot afford the ludicrous Italian property taxes any longer. I imagine that it will be purchased by some deranged actor or oil sheik and turned into a tasteless bordello. I doubt that a hotel conglomerate would purchase it as a valley full of apples is not really an international holiday destination for the elite.

If one of my well-heeled readers decides to buy it please let me know so I can be your occasional house guest. I miss my life in Italy and this photo brought back many memories of the habits that I learned when living with the Italians. My new book, (out soon!), demonstrates this is many ways.

Which leads me to the topic at hand. You are of course familiar with my series on the 28 traits of the modern man. But I feel that more is in order. The modern man also has habits. They can be simple like drinking coffee, or they can be more involved such as understanding wine. The point is that life is meant to be savored and we have many opportunities available to us to develop new tastes and enjoyment.

Women are attracted to a man that is interesting and an interesting man has interests. It is critical though to understand that obtaining interests solely for the sake of attracting women is superficial at best. You need to develop an interest for certain things because they interest you and because you want to become a more well-rounded individual.

But many men balk at starting with something because they are completely unsure of how to proceed. So starting next week, every Sunday I will post an in-depth article on a particular habit which should be of interest to the modern man. I am not pronouncing myself as a glorified expert on these topics, but they are habits in which I do possess some knowledge which I will pass on to you. However, if you have knowledge of a subject that I write about, please feel free to add to the discussion or correct me when needed. After all, while it is fun to learn on one’s own it is more rewarding to also learn from others.

And if there are any habits that you would like to see me write about please comment on them here.


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    I will buy it- as soon as I become super wealthy.
    By habits do you mean hobbies or interests?

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