I have started writing on a semi-regular basis for XYZ online magazine. XYZ is an Australian site that seeks to address the question of bias encountered at the state broadcaster, the ABC.

They have some interesting stuff up, so check them out. My article concerns free speech and the effect that the 18c legislation has on Australians. An excerpt:

Being offended is simply a strategic move. The act of taking offensive is in of itself an attack. Which is fitting due to the fact that SJWs always project. But since when did being offended automatically make you right? This is the great betrayal of the words “insult” and “offend” in the 18c legislation. Since a person can never give offense, this law then means that an individual has no control over his words. If you have no control over your words then the only safe option is to not say anything. And so even if you are speaking truth based on facts and direct observation, the safer option is to remain silent.