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On homosexuality.

I recently listened to an episode of Matt Forney’s podcast titled, The Cancer That is Killing the Alternative Right. Matt went on a bit of a rant against homosexuality and other sins of the modern age. His anger was directed towards the idea that countenancing these practices will help to corrupt the alt right movement. I am firmly of the opinion that homosexuality will always be amongst human society, whether hidden or open. But my take on homosexuality is that it is a weakness.

We go through several stages of life. From childhood, to youth, to middle age, and finally to old age. Each stage is marked by different attributes. The primary attribute of youth is boldness. Young men fight wars, undertake adventures, and willingly take all manner of risks. The curse of youth is sexual desire. If we are not careful it can rule our minds with primitive lusts compelling us to all sorts of unwise and unhealthy behaviors.

We live in an age where personal pleasures are emphasized. Other cultures refer to us as ‘The Decadent West’. This is an unfortunately accurate label. Our forefathers built a wealthy civilization through hard work and sacrifice and we have been enjoying the fruits of that effort for generations now. In these matters it is wise to look at history and observe how previously dominant cultures approached these matters. I have been reading a wonderful little book titled, How to Grow Old by the Roman writer and philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero. Here is an excerpt:

Cineas said that there was an Athenian professing to be wise who claimed that everything we do should be judged by how much pleasure it give us. Now, when Manius Curius  and Tiberius Coruncanius heard this from Fabricius, they said they hoped that the Samnites and Pyrrhus himself would adopt his teaching, since it’s easier to conquer people who surrender to pleasure.

The emphasis is mine. Here is another quote:

He said the most fatal curse given to men by nature is sexual desire. From it springs passions of uncontrollable and reckless lust seeking gratification. From it come secret plotting with enemies, betrayals of one’s country, and the overthrow of governments … And since nature – or perhaps some god – has given men no finer gift than human intelligence, this divine endowment has no foe than naked sensuality.

The defining characteristic of homosexuality is sexual pleasure. Forney mentioned some statistics which I cannot remember exactly but were along the lines of saying that the average heterosexual man has under 10 sexual partners in his lifetime while the average homosexual man has 1000.

Sexual pleasure and lust in youth is understandable but it is marked by an absence of self-control. Decent behavior is not possible in such circumstances. Being freed from these wild passions of the body is somewhat of a relief. As we grow older and mature we no longer crave the pleasures of the flesh that were a hallmark of our youth. We can still enjoy them but we are not in thrall to them. Pleasure enjoyed with careful circumspect is an attribute of maturity.

Homosexuals in general are stunted men. They arrived at the period of youth and got no further. Seduced by the pleasures of lust they continually strive to hold their bodies in the glorious time when they were young and nubile. It is a stagnation of the passage of life. Middle and old age are not only marked by the obvious degeneration of the physical body. When we reach middle age we grow more serious and old age is graced with maturity. While keeping the spirit of youth alive throughout our lives is critical to aging well, desperately clutching to youthful pleasures when they are far behind us is mere foolishness at best.

My issue with homosexuality is that it is a stumbling block on the passage of man through life. More than that, it is a trap. The siren song of lustful pleasures that hold a man down until his waking life is reduced to only seeking the next pleasurable gratification. It is an orgy of excess. A prudent man practices moderation which is the antithesis of a homosexual lifestyle.

No culture or civilization that historically gave itself over to wanton pleasure ever survived for very long. As young men today while you can enjoy various pleasures it is your duty not to be ruled by them. The stakes are high.


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  1. Gerry

    Your article makes so much sense, and rings so true for me. I forced myself, with God’s help, to reject homosexuality when 30 years of age. I pursued heterosexuality exclusively and three years later married a woman to whom I confessed my past on our second date. Faithfully and happily monogamous for 33 years, we are a comfortable old couple now (though I am still working full time because I enjoy it!).

    Thank you.

    • Adam

      Gerry, that’s probably the best comment on my blog to date. Thank you.

  2. Allen

    I really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about other people’s sexuality. From the mathematician in me: if you take all the variables available in human sexuality and create an n-dimensional space describing it, what’s the correct answer? You could get lost in that space.

    However, classics, that’s another story. I have told my boys “read all of these books, and you have a start on an education.” These include, Cicero of course, but also Seutonius, Tacitus, Confucius, Xenophon, et al. They also need to have a working knowledge of thermodynamics. That will allow them to say “bullshit,” from a scientific standpoint.

  3. I think your critique is incomplete inasmuch as it fails to take account of the stupefying anger at the apex and center of the male homosexual population (which one suspects is present in attenuated form among the rank-and-file, dissipating entirely only at the periphery) and the degree to which indignant displays paying obeisance to this anger (or making displays of deference) is now a status marker among the professional-managerial bourgeoisie. One way I think to explore that question is to ask to what degree male homosexuals are not ‘arrested’ in their development, but in some blind alley they turned into (or were diverted into) in the face of challenges during their youth. Some features might be: a persistent discomfort in one’s male skin, a sense of oneself as Special, and and irritation or indignation or rage that one’s Special qualities were not recognized. In conversing with male homosexuals in forums such as this, one is struck with the sense of violation they display that someone would critique them in any way. One might also note the tendency of young men to form alternative status hierarchies when they fail systematically in competing with other men in the most prevalent fields hence the male homosexual subculture and their eccentric means of one-upmanship.

    • Adam

      My critique wasn’t meant to be exhaustive, only an aspect that rang true for me. However, I agree to a large extent with what you have written here. I find that gays who wear their sexuality on their sleeve as a marker of identity tend to be much more exaggerated in the ways you have mentioned.

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