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Podcast #16 – The “I Love You” episode + links of the week.

I haven’t done a links of the week for a while due to my daily posting schedule. But then I came up with the brilliant idea to include it with my weekly podcast. So below the cut I have some extremely tasty links of the week for you, plus my podcast of course which concerns my ironclad rules for when to say “I love you” to a girl for the first time.

Break these rules at your considerable peril. You have been warned.

The other week I did a podcast about adventurer Alby Mangels. Lo and behold this week I discovered a young man who quit his job on an offshore oil rig, flew to Italy where he purchased a yacht sight unseen having less than 10 hours sailing experience, picked up a hawt young lady who wanted to sail the world with him, and the two of them have been documenting their adventures on youtube and funding it via patreon. They’ve been at it for two years now. You see, kiddies? Adventures are still to be had.

16 years on, Britain’s first gay couple to have surrogate children proudly put them on display for the world to celebrate their wonderfulness. Strangely enough the kids don’t seem that impressed at having their entire lives reduced to them being a possession for their “parents”. Whowuddathoughtit?

Roosh reported in a bar for political harassment, whatever that means. The coming conflict will be the first in human history that pits one gender against the other.

One of Australia’s big banks to design their own staff hijab. I love this as it’s a clear indication that they have been co-opted by the SJW lunatics. Sell all their stock now and bet on it crashing through the floor.

The EU really is quite silly. They had so much goodwill from the gullible young peoples who were so upset at the horrible racists in Britain for wanting to leave the party. But now they want to put a tax on internet links. In other words, every site I have just linked to I would need to pay a tax for this if I lived in Europe. Fucking with the internet is a great way to get Millennials offside I would think.

The other day I posted about women marrying themselves and inanimate objects. Now we have the story of a woman who married the Eiffel Tower. Some choice quotes from the article:

Erika is the somewhat reluctant face and head of Objectum Sexuality Internationale, a group of 400+ like-oriented individuals from around the world, and it’s a role that comes with an almost endless succession of obstacles.

I thought an endless series of obstacles would be fantastic for these lunatics seeing as that’s lots more stuff they could marry.

“This documentary raised misconceptions that OS people were inclined towards objects for the sake of control due to factors such as abuse and mental illness”, she explains. “Numbers suggest that most have no more issues than a normal cross-section of society.”

In other words, you’re not crazy if there are other people who are just as crazy as you.

Making matters worse for the group, the film conveniently left out the emotional or spiritual side of these unconventional relationships and ramped up the sexual component, reducing depictions to at best fetishistic, and at worst, downright crazy.

I don’t see how matters could be worse if you’re the type who wants to have sex with a tourist attraction.

To those who want to put Erika’s orientation down to past trauma, she knew of her OS tendencies since childhood. “I didn’t realise I was different until my teens when others started dating each other and I had deep feelings for a local bridge.”

So much win right here.

The OS community isn’t going to see legitimacy any time soon, and they have no expectations for that level of acceptance …

Suuuuuure they don’t. “You’re an objectumphobic!” coming to a protest near you soon.

Erika’s perfect world is where everyone realises that happiness doesn’t come with a blanket definition, and that you can’t judge someone’s take on happiness by your own. In the past, friends and family have attempted to dictate what should make her happy, which naturally, only made her more unhappy.

Happiness is for freaks.

And that’s my links for the week!


That’s not funny.


The importance of having a budget.


  1. I feel the relationship between Erika and the Eiffel Tower is doomed. Will Erika feel cheated on with all the tourists climbing the tower? Or will she see it as merely flirting?

  2. Allen

    I learned these the hard way, as we all do of course. We might be hardwired that way to screw up until we get the bat between the eyes. However, when you’re dealing with a very smart woman it might be more of a wish than a reality.

    She said I love you first and I reciprocated by stating I’ll be moving two of my horses over here later today.

    “Oh honey, I know what those horses mean to you, and for you to move them here means so much to me!”

    What? Wait a minute.

    “Come on, let’s go outside and lay out where the corral panels are going. Are you going to build a building for hay storage and your tack? What about a horse shelter. I have some great ideas.”

    Whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this may be temporary.

    She also snagged one of my ranch cats in the process. That little heathen cat completely co-operated of course.

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