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Encourage a progressive to breed!

leftie breeders

these two reckon they have a reproductive crisis. No argument there.

I actually wanted to title this post something along the lines of, “Progressives decide to surrender to fate by non-breeding themselves out of existence”, but it took up a bit too much room. Like our future children would! Geddit? Geddit? Ba-dom-chick!

In case you’re wondering what I’m babbling about, those crazy cats over at NPR have a piece titled, Should we be having kids in the age of climate change? My initial reaction is that they should not and thus this idea is a very good thing but more careful analysis casts doubt on this assumption.

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The earth is doomed.


She’s not even trying.

How to prepare & drink coffee.


The first post in my “Habits of the modern man” series is devoted to coffee. Drinking a coffee in the morning helps put your day into focus. It gets you moving, in more ways than one, and it is a nice little ceremony to prepare if done correctly. However, many people do not do it correctly at all. Whenever I prepare coffee at home for a guest I am greeted with genuine surprise and pleasure on their part at the taste of their beverage. It comes as a revelation to them that coffee prepared at home can be that good. Let’s have a look at the hows and the whys.

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New article at XYZ – “Turnbull’s performance offends me”.

I have started writing on a semi-regular basis for XYZ online magazine. XYZ is an Australian site that seeks to address the question of bias encountered at the state broadcaster, the ABC.

They have some interesting stuff up, so check them out. My article concerns free speech and the effect that the 18c legislation has on Australians. An excerpt:

Being offended is simply a strategic move. The act of taking offensive is in of itself an attack. Which is fitting due to the fact that SJWs always project. But since when did being offended automatically make you right? This is the great betrayal of the words “insult” and “offend” in the 18c legislation. Since a person can never give offense, this law then means that an individual has no control over his words. If you have no control over your words then the only safe option is to not say anything. And so even if you are speaking truth based on facts and direct observation, the safer option is to remain silent.

It’s best to avoid noble gestures.


oh goody! a chance for a noble gesture!

Readers of my first book, Pushing Rubber Downhill will recall a scene where I offered my resignation in the hope that it would prove my innocence. At the time I intended it as a “noble gesture”. The problem with these noble gestures is that other people rarely see them as such. Instead, they view them as an opportunity to grind your face into the dirt.

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The absurd idea of a “leadership team”.


I’m the boss! Better get me a leadership team!

A few days ago I wrote about the progressive absurdities that have helped scuttle the Aussie swimming team. Chief among them and the underlying cause of their troubles is the modern curse known as a “leadership team”. I have had the unfortunate experience of being subjected to a number of these bodies in my time. In my last job the leadership team had an acronym which they used when talking about what they were doing, or thinking, or considering. All hail the excruciating experience of listening to the leadership team talk about themselves in the third person.

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I can’t believe women’s volleyball is an Olympic sport.


surely this shouldn’t be allowed under the new progressive paradigm …

The other day I went to a preseason cricket training session. When I arrived a bunch of my fellow club members were talking excitedly about the Olympics. One of them turned to me.

“Did you see the women’s soccer match with the Maltildas?”

I laughed in his face. “Why would I watch women’s soccer? Those no-hopers got beaten 7 to nothing by a schoolboy under 15 side.”

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Podcast #14 – The Alby Mangels episode.

A few links for this episode which talks about the world’s first adventure youtuber before there was youtube. The original and best shitlord, Alby Mangels.

The most beautiful athletes at the Olympic Games according to MSN.
Pacifico beer.
Kinky Cigars.

I hope rafting never becomes an Olympic sport.


the Australian 2001 Camel world champion team.

Apparently the Australian Olympic swimming team didn’t do as well as expected. They won 3 gold medals which isn’t good when the team boasted that they would pick up at least 10 and maybe even more than that. But that’s okay; I mean, it only cost $38 million to send the team there which works out at just over a measly $12 million per gold medal. That’s value for money, right?

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There is no such thing as marital rape.


but what if she’s not in the mood that night …?

Vox Day has an excellent post today on the topic of marital rape. He links to a debate he had with a feminist on the topic which is worth reading. For the record, I completely agree with Vox. The term marital rape is an oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms. Vox uses an excellent analogy which I haven’t seen before to defend his position:

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