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Humans bad, nature good.

that tiger went tiger!

In the world of progressives, humans are bad and nature is good. I suppose that means that we are either robots or space aliens. You know the score – any development is bad, this bug will go extinct, you cannot hunt whales, shoot ducks or deer, cut down a tree, back-burn for bushfire season; on and on goes the insanity.

This equates with their worship of the great God Gaia™ and the stultifying embrace of climate change. It also comes into play with the control of pests, vermin, and animals that are outright dangerous to human folk. In Australia we have a bunch of deadly critters, and they are now all “protected”. Just why this is so makes no logical sense as none of them are in any way endangered.

Take the tiger snake as an example. This is one scary snake. If it bites you, you’re more or less fucked. Certain rivers that I paddled down were infested with the bloody things. But while most snakes shy away from humans, tiger snakes have the slightly disconcerting habit of chasing you. When I was about eleven years old I was chased on a farm by a tiger snake. Across three paddocks. And I was riding a 50cc farm motorbike. The fucker kept up with me. Truly terrifying, but that’s what you get when you bumble into one during spring mating season. The farmer blew its head off with a gun. That behavior today would not be tolerated:

In most Australian states, they are protected species, and to kill or injure one incurs a fine up to $7,500, as well as a jail sentence of 18 months in some states.

So I suppose it’s better to let the snake kill you. Humans bad, nature good.

But the progressive terminology that really annoys me is when they use the term ‘rogue’ to describe an animal. So we have ‘rogue croc’ or ‘rogue shark’. These are crocodiles or sharks that have decided that they don’t like humans anymore and they ate a couple. Chomp chomp chomp, nom nom nom.

Let’s examine saltwater crocodiles, but you can attribute everything to great white sharks and other nasties as well. Saltwater crocodiles are abundant in Northern Australia. Not just abundant but in plague proportions. Fancy a holiday in beautiful Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef? It’s a nice spot but I wouldn’t walk along the beach if I were you. Just saying.

The species currently has full legal protection in all Australian states and territories where it is found – Western Australia (since 1970), Northern Territory (since 1971) and Queensland (since 1974) … the species is considered of minimal concern for extinction.

Better not shoot one then when it’s chomping its way through your family. They have full legal protection, don’t ya know? Humans bad, nature good.

Whenever one does enjoy a delicious and tasty human snack, it is classified as a ‘rogue croc’ and earmarked for destruction by the progressives. This strikes me as strange on a few levels. For a start, do they consider this behavior by the animal to be abnormal? A croc eating a human is as abnormal as a croc eating a rabbit. It sees, it eats. Or perhaps rogue means that the crocodile has ‘gone bad’. Does hunting the crocodile then serve to act as a warning to the other crocodiles?

“Hey dude, did you hear want happened to Jimmy? Got shot for eating a human. Bad way to go.”

The truth of the matter is that progressives have no fucking idea about how the world actually works. The same attitudes that they have regarding the natural environment are on display in everything else they do. Witness the feelgood virtue signaling social worker go into the Calais migrant camp at night to “do good” and get gang raped and dismembered. Or a similar progressive in Sweden who got raped but refused to report it because she didn’t want bad things to happen to the poor migrant who did it to her.

Can we say humans bad, nature good here as well? Or would that betray how progressives actually view people from less fortunate parts of the globe? Hmmm?

These people are children, mere kidlings who are lose in the world with the reins of power in their bureaucratic hands. And because they are so self-destructive they will only be truly satisfied when none of us walk the earth anymore, including them.


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  1. There is something that touches you deep inside when you realize you are part of the food chain. A good friend of mine used to guide hunters on polar bear hunts. As he put it, after 24 hours the bear is hunting you.

    My wife absolutely hates it when my atavistic urges rear up. But, she knows I’m going out to the wilderness with or without her blessing. What if, what if, what if? Yeah well what if I get hit by a bus. Man killed by bus. What a sorry story that would make. Man killed by bear, dead bear found next to him. That’s the way to go.

    It never seems to bother her though when I return with my masculinity re-vitalized. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t test it, I weaken.

    • Adam

      True. Men make themselves and it is an ongoing process. But it must be tempered with the realities of aging, otherwise you risk being undone, as happened to Hemingway.

  2. Carl-Edward

    I have always believed that those who will tell one that they prefer animals to people, are in the grip of a personality disorder. The same applies to the kind of gay man or bull dyke, who goes in for animal husbandry, and believes that an animal has an intellect. Equally disturbed are the morons who wax sentimental about savage beasts.

    As to the lunatics euphemistically referred to as: ‘environmentalists’, many of them are communists, and the rest are too stupid to understand that they are enjoying the benefits of the industrial progress they profess to despise. Here indeed, are some humans without whom the world would be a better place.

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