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Podcast #19 – The advice to 18 year old me episode.

This week’s episode concerns what I would do differently if I were 18 years old again, (please God, no). Links and photos that are mentioned in the podcast to be found after the cut.


shot of students courtesy of Maggies Farm with accompanying article.

Article from the good Cappy that I mentioned.

Article from Vigor and Spirit which I discuss with regards to men not satisfying their wives.


Humans bad, nature good.


Riding the welfare carousel.


  1. “Shibumi” I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention that book in over 30 years. My favorite character was Le Cagot. There are some great Basque restaurants over in Bakersfield. Why Basque people settled in that part of California has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

    • Adam

      I make a point of rereading Shibumi once every couple of years or so. It never gets old. My father gave me a first edition as a gift a few years back. Le Cagot is excellent but I also have a soft spot for the CIA good old boy. And of course his adoptive Japanese general father figure.

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