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Conservatives are really good at surrendering.


not good enough, Cory.

I just received Australian senator Cory Bernardi’s weekly email to his supporters, his ‘weekly does of common sense’ as he puts it. Bernardi is just about one of the only political voices in Australia today who stands as a bulwark against the forces of the progressive left. In other words, he fights. Something which those on the conservative side have forgotten how to do. But this week Bernardi has got it completely wrong.

His post this week is how freedom of thought and expression are under fire from SJW activists everywhere, and how they pressure private businesses to conform to their agenda. This is what the left are good at doing – fighting. I may not agree with them, hell, I hold them in complete contempt, but I have to admire their strength and singularity of purpose. They are like some ravenous army of insects that carry mindlessly on until they have devoured their prey and achieved their objective. It not only matters how many of their comrades fall in the process, it is a matter of pride.

Bernardi uses an example that is undoubtedly close to home for him. Connor Court publishing, a small Australian publishing house that specializes in books that might be described as somewhat politically incorrect, (the same company that published Bernardi’s book The Conservative Revolution), found itself in a quandary this week when the business it uses for its printing purposes refused to print one of their latest books, (all quotes are from Bernardi’s email).

Their usual printer, McPherson’s, refused to print the book Stealing from a Child: the Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality’ due to the subject matter and content.

So far fairly typical of the political climate in which we live.

However, I cannot help but contrast the reaction if the boot was on the other foot, so to speak. If a printer refused to provide services to one of the sanctioned SJW causes I can only imagine all hell would break loose.

Complaints would be made, protests organised, owners named and shamed and legal action would be forthcoming.

He is absolutely right. With the situation reversed the left would have come screaming from the inner-city cafes, pouring out in an endless stream of demented banshees ready to do battle. And they would win because they fight. But what did the author of the book say?

Van Gend said “…it is within their right as a private company to discriminate against people like me on ideological grounds …We are not like some people who would take anti-discrimination action. We do not think those sort of laws are worthy of a free society and we do not use them.”

Not everyone shares Dr van Gend’s views but in this instance he is right.

No Cory, he’s not right. He’s wrong and he’s demonstrating the loser mentality that has gotten us into this mess to begin with. It’s a known fact that SJWs always project. So when they scream about intolerance you can have no doubt that they are the intolerant ones. Van Gend however, is being eminently tolerant in his steadfast refusal to not lower his principles by using the tactics of the left. And the result of this?

He loses, thereby demonstrating once again that conservatives are really very good indeed at retaining the moral high ground while ceding all actual ground to their enemies. Surrendering with honor. Van Gend can sleep happily knowing that he is of good conscience, deluded in the belief that by doing so he has struck a blow somewhere for something which is not readily identifiable but still there nonetheless.

The truth is that fighting is hard. It takes effort. You need to get in there and get dirty and take risks. When the Germans sent over poison gas in WW1 the Allies didn’t exclaim that they would never stoop to such a dastardly trick. They sent it right back at them. And nobody judged them precisely due to the fact that in the end they won. Winners get to write the history at the expense of the vanquished.

Van Geld might well argue that he is fighting the good fight by writing his book, but what good is that when it can’t even be printed unless his enemies allow it? For now they will find another printer but in a few year’s time? What then?

The sad thing about all this is Bernardi’s agreement. You’re wrong, Cory. I just hope that that is clear to you now. You need to retract your statement in your email and state that this business is wrong. Connor Court needs to sue them for breach of contract and losses suffered by the publishing delay. And those on the right need to step up their game. The printer in question needs to be flooded with emails denouncing their position on this matter. You don’t become the left by using their own tactics against them. You beat them. Somehow we seem to have forgotten that.



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  1. I’d say the only thing they’re good at is conserving their jobs. I understand it’s a big job. Here in the US it’s an ocean of corruption, but if you give up it’s certainly not going to get better. Sometimes it is difficult to remain optimistic and engaged, but who ever told us life was easy?

    Habitat for Humanity? Piss off. I’ll re-hab a house for an honest, striving couple.
    Local School District? Piss off. We’ll support the folks homeschooling their kids.
    Charities? Piss off. We can do the work ourselves.

    I don’t believe in that nonsense about making a difference, but you can improve your lie, so to speak.

    • Adam

      Making a difference is progressive code for interfering and subverting.

  2. “He loses, thereby demonstrating once again that conservatives are really very good indeed at retaining the moral high ground while ceding all actual ground to their enemies. Surrendering with honor.”

    The more I’ve looked into the issue of conservatism and the conservative mindset the more I’m convinced that they believe, perhaps on an subconscious level, that were they to fight as the Left does it would eventually lead to violent conflict because neither side would back down before it got to that point. Surrendering with honor is considered a better option in their minds than fighting.

    Unfortunately, they’re just delaying the inevitable and creating greater societal and political dysfunction. It also enables leftists who know their enemies are not willing to go all the way as they are.

    • Adam

      They’ve been doing it for 40 years. The ironic thing about calling themselves conservatives is that they have conserved almost nothing.

      • “The ironic thing about calling themselves conservatives is that they have conserved almost nothing.”

        The unofficial, perhaps unwitting purpose of conservatism inc. is to take the inroads made by the Left and codify it, then later preserve it.

        At the rate we’re going, I shudder to think what will be regarded as “conservative” in a decade.

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