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Our politician’s convenient lies.


convenient lies – she’s not the one telling them.

A few days ago the results of a “shock poll” were revealed here in Australia. It turns out that 50% of those polled want an immediate ban on muslim immigration to this country. The poll was conducted as a result of federal politician and One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson calling for a ban on muslim immigration last week in her opening speech to the new parliament. No doubt the pollsters thought they would be showing that nasty racist Pauline that she was dead wrong. Instead the poll justified her call in the biggest way possible. The pollsters were so shocked they ran the poll again which got exactly the same result.

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Riding the welfare carousel.


dole bludgers, Australian for welfare cheats.

In the news this week has been the story of the two young ladies in the photo, aged 21 and 17, who have decided that the best things in life are obtained by government largesse via taxpayers. In other words, they’re on unemployment benefits, they’re happy with that, so why would they want to work? That’s just like, boring and stuff:

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Podcast #19 – The advice to 18 year old me episode.

This week’s episode concerns what I would do differently if I were 18 years old again, (please God, no). Links and photos that are mentioned in the podcast to be found after the cut.

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Humans bad, nature good.

that tiger went tiger!

In the world of progressives, humans are bad and nature is good. I suppose that means that we are either robots or space aliens. You know the score – any development is bad, this bug will go extinct, you cannot hunt whales, shoot ducks or deer, cut down a tree, back-burn for bushfire season; on and on goes the insanity.

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Projecting Hillary


let’s play the projection game.

Australia is set to have a national plebiscite on the issue of gay marriage early next year. Or maybe we won’t, seeing as our prime minister is weak as piss and likes nothing better than to backtrack on any issue in the face of any temper tantrum from the left. The government announced the other week that a plebiscite will be held and each of the two camps will receive the same amount of government funding to use to advertize their respective positions.

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The Brisbane Writers Festival proves that literature is dead.


stop culturally appropriating those spectacles …

There’s been a blowup at the Brisbane Writers Festival that has reverberated around the globe with concussive force. I didn’t even know or care that there was a writers festival in Brisbane so the organizers must be happy with this free publicity. Seriously, writers festivals are the biggest load of dreary wank. There is nothing more nauseating than being surrounded by people who are there solely because they happen to do something and they want acclaim from their peers. Fragile egos and sanctimonious fools. Let it go on record that if I am ever invited to a writers festival I will tell them to go away or I will taunt them a second time.

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Opinions versus soundbites.


many years ago I liked this guy but now I know that he’s just stupid.

What’s that old saying; opinions are like something that everybody has? I don’t think that’s true at all. To have an opinion you need to have some basis of understanding. Otherwise it’s not an opinion, it’s a soundbite. SJWs have soundbites. That’s all they have. Their soundbites are the same as all the other SJWs’. Their soundbites change in lockstep with prevailing propaganda, not with the acquisition of new knowledge. Isolate an SJW and you will be able to demolish his comfortable wall of soundbites with the harsh and unending brutality of knowledge wielded with scalpel-like precision. This will leave him a quivering wreck of helplessness. Hey, we all have to have hobbies. What can I say?

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Podcast #18 – The Singapore episode.

No links this week as I had an internet-free week. But the podcast is up with a special Singapore edition and why, if I were a young man, I would seriously look at moving there.

Final cover for the new book.

Here is the new cover for Run Guts Pull Cones. I think it’s groovy. Feedback appreciated.


I’ve been away and off the grid.


had lunch on top of that. it was neat.

I’ve been in Singapore for the last week on holiday with the good wife and I took myself off the grid. No internet the entire time. No email, no blog, no nothing. I set up a bunch of posts to publish while I was away, and they ticked off each day, one by one. I’ll go through and have a look at the comments and see if there’s anything I desperately need to respond to, but I’ll probably leave it as it is. Singapore was great – lots of mileage there for me. I’ll do a podcast about it tomorrow with my thoughts. That is all.

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