Kayaking saved me from becoming an SJW.

I had a post prepared and ready to go this morning but then I read this over at Alpha Game and my schedule immediately changed. This one hit me hard. Not in an emotional way, nothing silly like that. It hit me in a way that I knew exactly where this kid was at as I had been there before at almost the exact age.

A heartbroken mother has penned an emotional post after no one turned up to her little boy’s ninth birthday party.

That is a quote from Vox’s link to the Daily Mail. There are also photos of this kid standing by his birthday balloons with a painful smile for the camera. Vox then had this to say:

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The aching blue pill of MGTOW.

A lot of bloggers don’t like it when they get negative comments attacking them on a post but I love it. I feed off it. Whenever I get a negative comment it gives me a little joie de vivre and I go skipping amongst the daffodils, or at least I would if I knew what daffodils looked like. In truth I get an evil little grin as I approve the comment. The more histrionic and illogical the language the better. It means that the commenter was seething with rage as he pounded away at the keyboard. What this ultimately indicates is that the article in question was effective.

A case in point is my article on the red pill documentary. I got a couple of beautiful bundles of demented outrage on that post. The first one was good, but the second one was just the icing on the cake.

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Vetting future women by using social media.


wrong on two counts – it is in no way like sex with a 20 year old and you will still be up for child support payments, only for one child not two …

Ah Facebook. I love it for all the very public failure on display. And it’s there for ever. Make friends with someone and then go through their feed. See what total stupidities they have uttered. Find out how dumb they really are. I know several business owners and general managers who do background Facebook checks on potential future employees as absolutely standard. Facebook is the ultimate vetting system and the great thing is that even when you tell people this they still can’t help themselves. They’ll post up shit like this that I saw yesterday:

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The function, the shirt, the lies and everything.

I went to a function last night. I’m not good at functions. People want to know what you do. As in your job. I dress very well so people always assume I’m a lawyer or something. Tailored shirts will do that for you. Once you get your first tailored shirt you can never go back. There’s life before tailored shirts and then there’s life after. Before is a distant memory of pain and suffering. After is a reality of people assuming that you are a lawyer at functions.

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You don’t know how to drive, you’re a moron, and I hate you.

I’m a bad passenger in a car for the simple reason that most people are bad drivers. Yes, that means you. Everybody thinks three things about themselves – they have a sense of humor, they have a winning personality, and they’re a good driver.

No, no, and most certainly no. This is because most people lack self awareness. The technical term for this is illusory superiority but I prefer my own definition of dumb fuck. I of course am hugely wonderful in these three things. I once made a cat laugh for instance. True story. So my sense of humor is up there with people like Morgan Freeman. As for winning personality, while I admit on occasion just before we are to go out to some public event my wife will gently remind me that maybe, just maybe it would be better if I didn’t rip the head off the first person who mentions how green conscious they are, this is in no way a poor reflection on my ability to “get on with others”.

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