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Flagged as ‘unlisted’.

Donald Trump’s latest campaign advertizement has been flagged as ‘unlisted’ by Youtube. Which means you won’t be able to see or find it without having the exact file source as they have unlisted it. So here it is. Spread it around.

Here is a screenshot so youtube’s manipulation is clear. Notice the word Dangerous written and the little open lock icon next to it. Hover over the icon and all will be revealed.



Why I oppose gay marriage.


Podcast #22 – The marriage episode.


  1. Dave in America

    You may be misreading it. “Dangerous” is the title of the ad as designated by the campaign, not by YouTube. In the US campaigns traditionally give ads a short telegraphic title to be listed on broadcast schedules.

    • Adam

      Nope, you’re misreading it. Look just below the play button on the youtube screen itself and you will see ‘Dangerous’ with a grey open lock icon next to it. Hover over the icon and you will see youtube’s explanation.

      • Adam

        Okay, I get what you’re saying. My bad, will be amended. Cheers.

  2. Brian_E


    I went to the page this is hosted on at YouTube, and now – just above the ‘Uploaded on’ line, but below the ‘subscribe/share’ options is a yellow line that begins with the universal ‘warning’ triangle, with the following text:

    “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.”

    Given that at this time, the video has 957,672 views and a 7181 to 1123 like to dislike ratio – it seems that it’s getting shared around quite a lot, in spite of being ‘unlinked’.

    I think I’ll share it some more & see how much higher we can get the view count can go…

    • Adam

      Curious indeed. They make no claim now to conceal their bias.

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