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Podcast #22 – The marriage episode.

I originally tagged this with #gaymarriage but after I saved it the track suddenly went back into being processed. After half an hour of this I deleted it and uploaded it again, this time without the tag. It worked perfectly. How mysterious.

Anyway, in this episode I talk about basing your logical positions on emotion and feelings as opposed to facts, gay marriage, marriage, relationships, and the best value rum I have ever tried.
Intro tune ‘Gallows Pole’ by the Zep.


Flagged as ‘unlisted’.


The rot at the heart of Australia’s housing market.

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  1. Intro tune ‘Gallows Pole’ by the Zep.

    Great song, and an old folk standard. The Zeppelin version differs because the guy gets hanged at the end anyway, in most versions he survives.

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