Each day I wake up and settle myself in front of the computer with my coffee to peruse the happenings of the day before. I have my go-to sites which largely reflect my blogroll, as well as a few others. Gab has been added to that list although I am struggling with the whole concept.

It appears to be a contest of who can come up with the most pithy one-liners which amounts to a lot of noise that I do not have the patience to go through. It is also very much a realm of leaders and followers, but I have never been a follower and I can’t be bothered to lead. I am trying to work out what my motivation is for being there. If I am looking for more followers then I will have to lead. If I am seeking out new and interesting voices then I will have to slug it out through the walls of text.

But I have noticed something of late on my morning internet perusings. There is a pressure building up, an almost indescribable pressure. I see it on Facebook, in the increasingly desperate posts of people who imagine a Trump presidency to be the worst thing in the world. Each day is a little more intense than the one before. It is a pressure that is building that is almost imperceptible to people using the social message board.

I see it in the news media, and I only look at selected conservative media. Today the most distinguished political writer at The Australian has an opinion piece with the headline Trump is a Global Joke. It is front and center on their homepage. Other news outlets are no different. In a week the headline will read, Trump is a deranged megalomaniac who must be jailed. By early November one can only imagine what the headlines will be. Possibly something like, Polls have Clinton 50 points ahead. Step by step the pressure builds.

The news media also has articles about Russia and Syria. Today it seems that NATO aircraft are now performing active patrols in eastern Europe. Putin is marshaling his armies. Journalists crow for active interference in Syria. Assad looks at his watch. It is close to midnight and he has held out for almost as long as he needs to so he can pull it off. The pressure is building.

I see the pressure building in the bloggers that I follow. They are noticing more, not because they are looking more but because there is now so much more to see. Once seemingly innocent organizations are no longer bothering to hide their political motivations. This casting aside of illusion is only done when they believe that victory is at hand and they want to make sure that they are on the winning team. Organizations on both side are doing this. Things are coming to a head. Forces are being put in play that were readied many years before. We are reaching the endgame.

The endgame was not planned for this moment. Trump has brought forward its timing. He has forced their hand. But the new power of the internet and social media has changed the rules of the game in ways that were not anticipated. The New York Times rails and wails but nobody is listening. Even the most diehard leftist suspects that the once venerable media outlet has lost the plot. They couldn’t stand the pressure.

It builds and it builds, step by step and day by day. Each day a little bit more. We do not know when it will pop but at least we know by when. It will pop by the end of November, either before, during, or just after the US election. We are all akin to ants that are hurrying around with great haste before an approaching storm. They do not know why they must hurry but they do know that hurry they must. Because something is about to happen.

The pressure is building.