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You import Africans you’ll get Africa.

The following clip of present day Paris I got via Maggies Farm

Here in Melbourne in the bright and shining socialist state of Victoria we are having our own taste of the culture enrichers with Melbourne crime being described by a career cop as the worst he has seen in 40 years.

Ron Iddles, a former homicide squad detective and outgoing secretary of the Police Association of Victoria, said a shortage of police officers and “weak” judges have paved the way for the rise in aggressive crime.

Really, Ron? You reckon its just weak judges and not enough cops? What else has changed in the city during that time? Come on, come on – think about it. I’ll give you a hint. Consider the demographics that we deal with now as opposed to those carefree sunny days when you first joined the force.

Iddles said the rise of the Apex gang, a youth street gang notorious for stealing cars and breaking into homes in Melbourne, was particularly concerning.

“With the youth crime and the Apex gang and all that, it is just a total lack of respect but also it becomes a competition about how they can break into houses. It becomes like a badge of honor with groups stealing cars and (competing to steal the most),” he said.

Ooooh … the Apex Gang. Now we’re getting warmer. From what shores do those young men originate from, dare my I ask? Why, from that oasis of light, culture, and civilization – South Sudan. To the bleeding hearts this is merely a result of Westerners “failing to understand” the complex issues these young men must deal with. After all, it must be highly traumatic to have to move from a country where a good day is not getting shot in the face to somewhere like Australia. To multicultural delusionists this is known as a failure to fit in.

Africa Media Australia chief executive Clyde Salumu Sharady told The Australian there is an increase in crime among young people broadly but particularly African youths, especially South Sudanese teenagers.

Africa Media Australia? There’s the start of our problem right there. You’re not in fucking Africa anymore, you berk. Or perhaps you are …

In the Greater Dandenong region, where the Apex gang took its name from a local street, more than 14,000 crimes of property, deception and crimes against people (assault) were committed in the year to March.

The report goes on to quote a local police chief who states that they are arresting the same thugs again and again. In South Sudan these playful young men would be disciplined by the local Big Man. He would put a bullet in the head of the one that was the biggest threat to his own power and then utilize the rest for his own ends.

In a sane society the solution would be simple. Deport any individual convicted of a serious crime back to South Sudan, along with his entire family. The first time that happened all of this would stop. You have to give people incentives to police their own.

But why not go one better and not end up with this problem in the first place? The streets of Paris are the next step along this line. As for the final step on the journey, well, that’s easy. It’s South Sudan. After all, if you import Africans you’re gonna eventually get Africa.


When good men serve.


Hillary Clinton – whatever it takes. Rigging the election.


  1. John Ricketts

    Loving your posts Adam. Half way through RGPC too.

  2. Not really. What you’re describing is a failure to punish and incapacitate. That’s why they’re arresting them ‘again and again’.

    I lived in Baltimore ca. 1983. At that time, the homicide rate there was about equal to that in New York City. Over the next quarter century, the homicide rate in Baltimore increased by 85% while it declined by 75% in New York. A generation ago, these cities were peers. Now, there frequency of homicide in one exceeds that in the other by 7 fold. The homicide rate in my home town (Rochester, NY) changed not a whit after 1990, while it was plunging in New York. The difference is in public policy, not demographics.

    In Africa itself, you’ve got extensive variation in observable levels of violence, with Southern Africa far more troubled than West Africa. Even in the Caribbean, which is a small and comparatively culturally homogeneous area, the range of homicide rates varies by a factor of 15 (from north of 2 per 100,000 in Martinique to nearly 40 per 100,000 in Jamaica). You see somewhat less extensive variations in standards of living. Barbados and the Bahamas are more affluent than the America I knew as a small child. Haiti’s in ghastly shape.

    You import the people you import. How they behave will be a function of how well you’ve screened them and the incentives you give them – especially the aversive ones. South Sudanese are refugees, so they’re not screened as you would a settler-immigrant population. That sort of refugee should be maintained proximate to their country of origin, with an eye to repatriation when possible.

    • Adam

      You import the people you import in the numbers that you import them. A few can be assimilated, usually. But once you go past a very small percentage, it’s all over.

      • What’s all over? The U.S. has a settler stream about 3x as large as is advisable. Larger creates problems you have to address, but there is some distance between problems and social apocalypse.

        • Adam

          France is close to social apocalypse now with 18% muslims. Their birth rates are huge and they start having children much earlier. It’s simple math. Plus the fact that diversity+proximity eventually equals war. Every single time.

      • France is close to social apocalypse now with 18% muslims. Their birth rates are huge and they start having children much earlier. It’s simple math. Plus the fact that diversity+proximity eventually equals war. Every single time.

        Per the Pew charitable trusts, its about 7.5% muslim. Total fertility rates in the source countries (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) average to about replacement level, which is not ‘huge’. TFR in France is 1.9 children per woman per lifetime. A conference paper by Laurent Toulemon in 2006 estimated immigrant women’s fertility to be about 30% higher than native’s fertility on average.

        • Adam

          Well that’s even worse then, (although I suspect those stats of yours are wrong as I’ve heard that it’s much higher). Also, TFRs in the source countries are meaningless. The key number is TFRs in the host country. These are always much higher for the simple reason that it is much more economically feasible for them to have children there because they are paid to do it via social services.

  3. We’ve imported Mexicans and we’ve got Mexico. A corrupt, crap hole over run with mierda y basura. Hijo de puta, esta el Presidente del Estados Unidos y el chupa la verga todos los dias.
    Estoy enfermo de el y la Secretaria del Estado, la puta grande, que se llama Hillaria Clinton.

    • Mexicans currently make up about 10% of the population. If they’re setting the overall tone, that’s a remarkable tour de force, particularly since they have fairly low rates of political mobilization. The problems you see originate in our dreadful political class. Mexicans can be used as a tool to maintain that class. That’s what makes immigration a problem in the civic sphere. However, the truly awful people in and among our elites are people who are at least 3 or 4 generations here and possessed of extensive and intensive education.

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