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The ‘Red Pill’ documentary – a depressing collection of blue pill Beta males.


A caveat before I begin this piece – I have not seen the full film. It’s not available in Australia and I can’t source it online. But I don’t need to see it to know that it is a horrible indictment on the state of masculinity in our society today.

The Red Pill is about the men’s rights activist movement which is known as the MRA. One of my first podcasts was an episode on why I think the MRA movement is a terrible idea. For those who don’t know, the MRA fights for men’s rights specifically in the realm of the family unit. Divorce proceedings, custody of children, paternity tests, abortion decisions – all of these and many more are completely skewed in favor of women. The men in the MRA are men who have been completely screwed over by the system and they are doing their best to fight back.

While their motivations are completely understandable, unfortunately the way that they go about fighting these injustices is completely self defeating. Worse than that it is also illogical. Feminists are not threatened by the MRA, although they put on a good show of pretending to be upset. Because as long as men fight for equal rights in the divorce courts, feminists can sit comfortably in the knowledge that the MRA will never win.

Think about it. If equal rights were granted to men then that would negate the unfair advantage that feminists have constructed for themselves over the last forty years. Two wrongs do not make a right. In other words, you do not solve an injustice by granting the same unjust advantages to men. You fight an injustice by removing those rights in the first place. That is how you return to a level playing field.

There are scenes in the documentary of phalanxes of men and women lined up opposite each other, the women screaming abuse while the men stand there in an attempt at stoicism. Has this ever happened before in human history that the two sexes have literally been at war with each other? Women are not the bad guys here, as neither are men. It is the cultural Marxists whose prime objective of the last fifty years has been the breakdown of the family unit.

Lately there have been many articles about the phenomenon of men checking out of marriage and having children. They reason is that it is too dangerous for them to enter. They have seen their fathers make terrible mistakes and be taken for everything they have. They know young women of their own age who have been schooled in manipulation techniques, to cry rape or abuse at the drop of a hat in order to get what they want.

What better way to ultimately destroy the family unit than if the family units are not even created in the first place.

In seeking similar rights as women the MRA justifies and thus perpetuates Marxist feminism. They have fallen into the trap of trying to fight the battle on their enemy’s terms.

So let us turn out gaze to this documentary. It is a sad indictment of men. Being a man has nothing to do with seeking out rights for your own sex. Paul Elam and every other MRA member in this video are examples of Gamma males in action. I despair that they have not only gone about things in this way but they have sought out the help of women to be on their side. Can you imagine it? Men seeking similar rights that they lost to women utilizing women to help them. It is deplorable. It is unmanly. It is the opposite of masculinity. These men have been emasculated in every sense of the word and they are groveling in their own misery.

And to top it all off we have a documentary outlining their plight that has been made by a feminist. They not only have to get women to fight for them, they need feminists to fight for them. How reprehensible. I have no doubt that they believed that having a feminist take up their cause would give them some form of credibility. Instead, it only adds to the overall picture. That the filmmaker in question, Cassie Jaye, got support from people such as Mike Cernovich, Milo, and also managed to raise money from members of the Roosh V forum among others simply astounds me.

Look at the gamma males in the film sob big crocodile tears as they wail at the injustice of it all. Look at the lineup of concerned women who want to fight for these poor hard done by men. And gaze with rapture at the good looking young blonde feminist, (which I thought was an oxymoron), as she bravely goes to and fro conducting her interviews as she battles with her own personal feelings on the subject.

Men, real men that is, don’t behave like this. They may think that they are fighting the good fight, but not only are they going about it the wrong way, they are providing a terrible example of what it is to be a man. The answer to this fifty year battle is to undo all of the gains that the cultural Marxists have made. To do that you need to unstack the courts and change the laws. Fault-free divorce has to go. The stigma of being a single mother has to return. Abortions must be made illegal. And the father must return to his rightful place as the head of the household.

Get women who support the MRA movement to fight for those things and then I’ll be impressed. But they won’t. That would be outrageous. Which is why, at the end of the day, they’re all sitting around jerking each other off and wallowing in their collective misery. It’s sad, it’s shameful, and it has nothing to do with being a man. The ultimate irony is the title of this film. None of these men have swallowed the red pill. They are all blue pill, through and through.


Podcast #23 – The Frame episode.


I’d rather fail than suck.


  1. I understand why Cernovich raised money — it was an opportunity for him to springboard his own documentary projects.

    • Adam

      Of course. But it does not reflect well on him. Then again, the only person who is important in Cernovich’s word is Cernovich.

  2. I would bet 95% of this nonsense would be removed by two things. Remove all financial incentives in divorce, no spousal support, and the family home must be sold and the proceeds equally split. Make child support equally incumbent on both the father and mother. Both would have to contribute to a children’s account equally which could be monitored by the non-custodial parent, and the custodial parent would have the access to it. The mother would be equally liable under the law as is the father to pay into the account. Personal use of the account by the custodial parent would be a crime.

    • Adam

      Sounds good to me. Now all we need is the revolution so it can happen. Yours truly for supreme benevolent dictator?

  3. You sound and write like a feminist, you didn’t watch it but you know, dismissive, condescending, know it all, this is what feminists sound like, exactly like this lame article.
    Boring, go write some more stupid books to sell to muppets.
    Anyone selling books on the net is a woman, its the most womanly occupation on earth, no self respecting man would be ok with being such a cheap unproductive hustler.
    The shit that comes out of my arse is more alpha than maggots like you

  4. Achille de Homère

    You have kids? Every parents remember this phase when whatever is the new vegetable you put in his plate, the kid will react the same way even before tasting it: “I don’t like that, I won’t taste it”.
    Well, only after reading in the first paragraph “But I don’t need to see it to know” I had this same feeling from this person. The difference is that my kid grew up from it and apparently feminist don’t.

  5. When Jaye & AVfM appropriated the title “The Red Pill” for the film I did my best to raise awareness that their doing so was entirely hypocritical. These are the guys who will do everything in their power to avoid being associated with virtually every aspect of TRP – especially when the mainstream media conflates the MRM with anything ‘Red Pill’, PUA, MGTOW, the TRP subred, etc. after some bad press (such as Eliot Rodger’s shootings).

    Elam knew this move was wholly an attempt to cash in on the notoriety of the term/title The Red Pill because he hoped that conflation would raise more hackles with the MSM and feminists and bring him more publicity through the film. Casie Jaye has no fucking clue what The Red Pill is really about and it’s unfortunate for her that the first group she encountered in her online musings about doing a men’s film was AVfM.

    That said, and unironically, Casie the feminist makes the entirety of the documentary not about the MRM as such, but more about her own ‘journey of self-discovery’, a common romantic theme that appeals to women’s innate solipsism. In EVERY post screening interview about the film the story becomes primarily about her; the MRM just playing a supporting role in her ‘transformation’. This is sort of a poetic justice for AVfM who all too readily employ and endorse any and every ‘former feminist’ who’s not a feminist (until they become a feminist again, *couch* Christina *cough* Hoff-Sommers) as part of their efforts to be more perfected egalitarian-equalists than the feminists they despise.

    Mike Cernovich dropped $10K on this documentary and his near silence on Twitter about it should speak volumes about that decision now. Maybe it seemed less impulsive a year ago when Jaye was about to shit-can the film because she had no funds for postproduction or distribution which she conveniently blamed on feminist opposition to its release. Even Milo, who helped raise awareness and funding on kickstarter hasn’t made a single post on his blog or Brietbart about the film.

    This film is NOT about The Red Pill, it’s about a 29 y.o. “feminist” actress-turned-indie-fim-director and her journey of self-discovery in which an opportunistic MRM is only too happy to play as her supporting actor.

    These are the faces the MRM wants to represent The Red Pill:

    • Adam

      Hey Rollo, that’s a really nice summation with some factors of which I was unaware. That AVfM has been used by a feminist on her self discovery journey is indeed poetic justice. I presume Mike Cernovich funded the post production so as to ride the publicity wave for his own film. I thought it a really poor decision at the time – he seems to want to go too high too fast.

      But all in all the most disappointing aspect to this is the hijacking of the term ‘red pill’ to these clowns.

      • WRT to Mike, he’s made a habit of making grandiose offers to charity in exchange for some debate time with his ideological adversaries. Such as offering $100K to a charity of the choice of certain high profile feminists or journalists.

        I think his offer to fund this movie was one of these occasions where it bit him in the wallet. The original intent was him offering to match $10K if others would meet that in a certain time. Then Milo wrote an article about it and the kickstarter was overfunded by almost $30K. I could be wrong, but it seemed like Mike low-balled himself and had to pay up in order to save face because he didn’t think it would get funded.

        $10K is a LOT of money to invest just for publicity and his e-fame does way more to springboard his own documentary than funding some unknown indie feminist (which he knew she was) filmmaker. He got caught with his pants down, but he can at least claim a “producer’s credit” for the film. Still, that’s a huge price tag for the credit. The only way I see it paying off is if she gets a nod for ‘documentary film’ nomination for this year’s academy awards (it’s on a very long list), but that might be enough to erase the cost.

        • Adam

          Whatever the outcome or how the offer progressed, the fact that he offered to help fund this film in the first place is what really causes me to shake my head. As soon as I heard AVfM mentioned with regards to it I immediately knew which direction this would take. The film does men no favors and potentially pollutes the red pill term in the public’s general awareness as well as being a vehicle for an entirely self serving and narcissistic young woman. The majority of the men in the preview that I watched make me want to throw up in my own mouth.

          So why is Mike funding this in the first place? It’s not one of those debate situations with a high profile feminist. Such a big deal has been made of the fact that a “former feminist” made a film that supposedly takes the men’s side but what is far more astounding for me is that someone of Mike’s stature in the manosphere should get involved with a film with AVfM at its core. At best, at the very best I can only call this incredibly poor judgement on his part.

          • Like I said, he got caught with his pants down. He probably thought it would bring him some notoriety, but ultimately it was a bad investment. I’m not sure he did much homework before he put the matching offer out.

            The MRM hates him and he knows it. Dean Esmay hates him and guys just like him, but even he was forced to thank him for the money.

            I got into it with Elam around this time last year when I was reading all of this and became aware of the title and the kickstarter. I explained to him how hypocritical it was for AVfM to appropriate TRP for the film, especially from how much he hates TRP and guys like me or Roosh. They’re the first to deny all association when the MRM get’s conflated with TRP in the media, but for this they were all over it.

            Elam tried to make the case that The Red Pill was just some all-purpose term for “truth” and TRP didn’t “own the term” so I should just go fuck off. Thing is now, AVfM are going to own all the shit that gets thrown at them when the MRM gets conflated with TRP in the media next time. The next Eliot Rodger who writes about how he’s Red Pill in his suicide manifesto – the spotlight will be on Elam and all his crying MRAs to explain everything and take the heat.

            Fuck ’em, they’ll deserve it. They’ll try to wiggle out of the association, but it’ll be the price they pay for co-branding TRP with AVfM.

  6. Alejandro

    Such a crappy article. Talking about something you didn’t even see. Shame on you.
    The only Beta I see here is the one talking to the feminist audience to receive a pat in the head. And maybe a blowjob.

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