wrong on two counts – it is in no way like sex with a 20 year old and you will still be up for child support payments, only for one child not two …

Ah Facebook. I love it for all the very public failure on display. And it’s there for ever. Make friends with someone and then go through their feed. See what total stupidities they have uttered. Find out how dumb they really are. I know several business owners and general managers who do background Facebook checks on potential future employees as absolutely standard. Facebook is the ultimate vetting system and the great thing is that even when you tell people this they still can’t help themselves. They’ll post up shit like this that I saw yesterday:

As an Australian woman I am more likely to be killed by my own boyfriend/husband or ex boyfriend/partner than I am to be killed by a stranger.

That was from someone that I’m not friends with, but a friend of mine queried her as to her source of statistics for this utterance and she went completely off the handle. Turns out that the woman in question is of a certain age. What do women who have gone beyond the wall usually carry on about? For the answer to that we must turn to the always excellent Tim Newman:

“Men are so judgmental!” she wailed.  “They are always judging us!”  This was relayed to me by a woman in her mid-thirties who had been single for a while and was looking for a partner.

“I know,” I nodded sympathetically. “It’s most odd that a middle aged man who has accumulated substantial assets and enjoys a certain reputation both professionally and socially should carry out some sort of character assessment on those who he is looking to share his entire life with. Me, I just don’t get it.”

Tim goes on to extrapolate that the reasonable act of forming an opinion of someone based on their past actions can often result in vehement protests from those with the most to hide.

So back to the woman who histrionically decried the awful murdering men. Leaving aside the obvious corollaries such as women are much more likely to murder their new-born children, (As an Australian man my child is more likely to be killed by the woman who sired it if only I could remember her name), I wonder what her undoubtedly long line of ex-partners think of such a public pronouncement? I presume that any reasonable man in that position would do his very best not to go anywhere near her.

And what of future partners? Well, I put it to you, my dear masculine readers. Does the thought of being with a woman such as this girdle your loins into uncontrollable feelings of naked desire? Would you be happy being with a woman in the knowledge that she’s likely to fly off the handle in the future and accuse you of murdering her?

Of course, we must always keep in mind that the crazier the chick then the better the sex. But even so, would it be worth it?

The accompanying photo that I pasted, (also found on Facebook this morning in my feed), sums up the situation nicely. Women do not want to be judged on their past actions, their poor decisions, or completely stupid things that they say on platforms such as social media. But we do judge them as they judge us. The sanest women that I know share a common trait – they almost completely avoid social media altogether. They have no desire to put their lives on display for public approval and they certainly do not utter total stupidities as in this example.

So dear friends, if you meet a woman who you think might be worth shacking up with, just check out her social media history and do a little judging. It’s that simple. And if you met her on social media in the first place then you already have your answer.

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